Survivor Ponderosa video for Heather Aldret shows her in fun new light

A Survivor: Ponderosa video for Heather Aldret was released by the show, revealing what it was like for her after she got voted out at Tribal Council. Heather made it all the way to the final four on Survivor 41, but she lost an intense fire-making challenge to DeShawn Radden that was shown during the


Survivor 41 ratings: Season finale dominates in viewership numbers

The Survivor 41 ratings for the season finale reveal that CBS easily won the night of Wednesday, December 15. The hit reality competition show dominated in total viewership numbers for the evening, easily winning every primetime slot as the Survivor 41 winner was revealed. Survivor fans tuned in to watch Erika Casupanan take home the


Survivor recap: Who wins Survivor 41 in Fiji?

The Survivor 41 season finale arrived on Wednesday night, spelling an end to the latest season taking place in Fiji. On the previous episode, Survivor fans watched as Danny McCray got voted out of the game. A new island, no food, and no shelter awaited the final five castaways as they arrived at a new


Survivor finale tonight: Sneak peeks for final episode released

The Survivor finale is tonight and fans of the show are about to find out who is getting added to the Survivor winners list. Danny McCray got voted off the show last week, leaving just five people competing for the Survivor 41 title. A piece of information that not all Survivor fans may know is


Survivor spoilers: The 26-day seasons may be permanent

Survivor spoilers about the Season 41 finale are starting to come out, but so are some comments from host Jeff Probst about the future of the franchise. After being forced to take a break from filming during the pandemic, the Survivor production team returned to action to film new seasons this past spring and summer.


Who was voted off Survivor last week and who’s left on Survivor 41?

On Survivor last week, the episode began with the final six castaways returning to camp. They had just voted out Liana Wallace on the previous episode, meaning DeShawn Radden and Danny McCray had taken part in destroying their own alliance of four (Shan Smith got voted out the previous week). This meant that the final


Survivor ratings up, fans ready for who will win Survivor 41

Survivor ratings are up for the latest episode of the show, indicating that fans are tuning in to find out how the season will close out. On the last episode of the show, it was Danny McCray who got voted off at Tribal Council. It was an intense vote as well, with a 3-3 tie that


Danny’s Survivor Ponderosa video revealed for Season 41

The Survivor: Ponderosa video for Danny McCray has been released and it gives fans a look at what happened after he was voted off of the show. It was on the latest episode of Survivor 41 that Danny got voted off at Tribal Council. It was down to him and DeShawn being on the chopping


Survivor season finale promo: This is the end, my friend

The Survivor season finale is on the way now, as the Season 41 cast has made its way down to the final five. At the latest Tribal Council, a surprising twist of fate took place when DeShawn and Danny turned on each other. At the end of the night, Danny McCray got voted off Survivor.