Danny’s Survivor Ponderosa video revealed for Season 41

Danny Voted Off Survivor 41
Danny McCray finished in sixth place during the Fall 2021 season of Survivor. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor: Ponderosa video for Danny McCray has been released and it gives fans a look at what happened after he was voted off of the show.

It was on the latest episode of Survivor 41 that Danny got voted off at Tribal Council. It was down to him and DeShawn being on the chopping block, right after the duo turned on each other at a crucial point of the game.

Danny finished in sixth place on the season and became the 13th person voted off the show. He also became a member of the Survivor 41 jury and it means we will see him again during the upcoming season finale.

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And now we get a glimpse behind the scenes, with Danny heading off to Ponderosa to spend time with the rest of the jurors in Fiji.

Danny McCray moves to Survivor: Ponderosa

Below is an extended video that the show released to give Survivor fans bonus time of Danny playing the game. It begins with Danny talking to the cameras right after getting voted out and then getting his weigh-in to find out how much weight he had lost during the season.

Danny goes on to talk about what he is most looking forward to eating before he starts seeing some other members of the jury that he helped vote out of the game. He had a very positive outlook on things, and he was definitely very excited to sit down and order off the Ponderosa Restaurant menu.

When he sat down with the other jurors, Liana and Shan were very emotional about how their quartet had been taken out once they turned on each other.

Survivor - Ponderosa Danny

The Survivor 41 season finale is coming up

There is only one episode of Survivor 41 left to air this fall. The season finale is set to air on Wednesday, December 15, beginning at 8/7c on CBS.

This is going to be a three-hour event for CBS, and there is already an exciting Survivor TV promo that has been released to create additional buzz.

Only five people are left in the running for the $1 million prize and the Survivor 41 jury members all got to help decide who left Fiji with all the money.

Even as this season starts drawing to a close, Survivor fans can start looking forward to Survivor 42 arriving on CBS this spring. The season has already been filmed in Fiji as well, with a new group of people vying to become the Sole Survivor.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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