Survivor finale tonight: Sneak peeks for final episode released

Survivor Finale Image
Ricard Foye, Heather Aldret, and Xander Hastings on the Survivor 41 season finale. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor finale is tonight and fans of the show are about to find out who is getting added to the Survivor winners list.

Danny McCray got voted off the show last week, leaving just five people competing for the Survivor 41 title.

A piece of information that not all Survivor fans may know is that the Survivor 41 winner was already decided, with this cast voting on a winner before they left Fiji. That secret has been held by the castaways ever since then.

Ahead of the big three-hour Survivor finale that airs on Wednesday, December 15, CBS has released two really interesting sneak peeks to give viewers an early look.

Survivor finale tonight: Sneak peek video clips

In this first Survivor finale sneak peek, we get quick segments from each of the final five castaways talking about their journey and the hopes they have of winning the season. Their narration is played over quick clips from finale night, hinting at some intense challenges to wrap things up.

In the second Survivor finale sneak peek, we get to see the final five castaways arriving at a new beach, where they receive one last “curveball” from host Jeff Probst to ramp things up on Day 23.

This moment comes right after Danny was voted out at Tribal Council, where they find out they will only receive the “bare minimum supplies” to last through the final four days of the season. It certainly looks intense, and we get the immediate reactions from the castaways as it all plays out.

How long is the Survivor episode tonight?

The Survivor 41 season finale is three hours long, with CBS giving the show a full night of primetime coverage to reveal a winner and talk about the season.

The first two hours will cover the rest of what took place with the final five castaways, and then the third hour will be the “Survivor After Show” where the final 11 people talk about what happened during the season. Unfortunately, the people who were eliminated early won’t be able to take part because it was filmed during the pandemic.

Some Survivor changes becoming permanent?

It was recently revealed by Jeff Probst that the 26-day seasons may be a permanent change. They moved from a 39-day season down to just 26 days when filming Survivor 41 and Survivor 42, and that may be something that the production team sticks with to complete seasons more quickly.

Survivor 42 was already filmed and it will debut in Spring 2022, giving Survivor fans something else to look forward to on the CBS TV schedule.

Survivor 41 season finale airs Wednesday, December 15 at 8/7c on CBS.

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2 years ago

N please. The straight white male who rightfully deserved to win by a landslide didnt even get one single vote from the racist lgbtgfys jury. SHOCKER! Pathetic.