Survivor Ponderosa video for Heather Aldret shows her in fun new light

Heather Ponderosa Survivor
Heather Aldret played on the Survivor 41 cast in Fiji. Pic credit: CBS

A Survivor: Ponderosa video for Heather Aldret was released by the show, revealing what it was like for her after she got voted out at Tribal Council.

Heather made it all the way to the final four on Survivor 41, but she lost an intense fire-making challenge to DeShawn Radden that was shown during the season finale.

Within the show, though, Heather spent some time with the Survivor 41 jury before it was time to appear again and vote on who would be the winner for the season.

In that window of time between Heather being in the final four and then voting for Erika Casupanan to be the Survivor 41 winner, she had some fun with the other seven jury members in Ponderosa.

Heather Aldret Survivor: Ponderosa video

Below is the additional footage of Heather Aldret taking part in Survivor 41. She introduces herself as the eighth juror and then we get to see her immediate reactions after losing the fire-making challenge. She even called DeShawn one of her “best friends in the game” and explained why she lost.

Heather was also pretty pleased when she realized that nobody voted her out of the game. After she met with the medics and learned how much weight she lost in Fiji, it was time to see the Ponderosa menu and then have some fun with a unicorn.

More about Heather Aldret on Survivor 41

Heather nearly made it all the way to the end of Survivor 41, but that wasn’t entirely reflected in how much screentime she got during the Fall 2021 season.

Her “invisible edit” led to Heather calling up Survivor to find out what happened. She had been worried that she had done something wrong but received the answers that she was looking for from the producers.

It’s interesting finding out about all of the strong relationships and friendships that Heather made during the season, as well as all of the strategies that she was involved in planning out. With the episodes focusing largely on all the advantages and twists, Survivor fans missed out on getting to see more from Heather.

And now it’s time to start looking forward to seeing the Survivor 42 cast play in the Spring 2022 season of the show.

For fans who want to jump ahead, the rumored Survivor 42 cast bios can be viewed here. They have reportedly been leaked well in advance of the season airing on CBS.

There is also a Survivor 42 TV promo that can be watched here, and it provides an early look at what is going to take place during the latest season filmed in Fiji.

Survivor 42 debuts March 9, 2022, on CBS.

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2 years ago

if she wasnt so spineless and desensitized to anti white racism, I would like her, but that isnt the case.