Survivor 41 cast member Heather Aldret called the show to ask why she wasn’t featured more

Heather On Survivor 41 Cast
Heather Aldret finished in fourth place on Survivor Season 41. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Heather Aldret played on the Survivor 41 cast, but for a lot of the season, she was invisible during episodes.

When something like this happens, Survivor fans tend to call it an “invisible edit” or a “purple edit” for that player, with theories frequently bouncing around social media regarding why they aren’t featured more.

During the Survivor 41 season finale, fans watched as Heather finished in fourth place, taken out during a fire-making challenge due to some untimely wind and DeShawn Radden.

Heather, who was watching at home and also seeing what was taking place on social media, took it upon herself to contact the show and find out why she wasn’t appearing more often on the Survivor episodes.

Heather contacts Survivor about Season 41 edit

Dalton Ross interviewed Heather and asked how she felt about her edit during Survivor Season 41. She had a lot of thoughts to share about how it all played out.

“Not good,” Heather told him when asked how she felt.

“It’s a myriad of emotions because you get so hyped for it and so excited and you wanna promote it and get people to watch it. And then people show up and in the first one, there was a little bit, and then there wasn’t, and then there wasn’t again,” Heather elaborated.

And as we referenced before, she definitely saw all of the comments and theories posted on social media.

“And then you start seeing the comments online. ‘What did Heather do? She has a foul mouth. She cussed too much’ or ‘it’s because of this or she’s trying to hide something.’ And I really didn’t understand why. And I need to know the truth if I’m asked a question,” Heather added.

“So I actually called and I was like, ‘Jesse [Tannenbaum], I need an honest answer. I can handle it. I’m a big girl,'” Heather said about her call to the Survivor casting director.

As she explained the story, Heather found out that her edit revolved around not being a part of the early twists and advantages that were a big part of Survivor 41. The editing of those early episodes focused a lot on who held the advantages, how they got them, and how it would impact the game. Unfortunately, since Heather wasn’t a part of them, she didn’t get as much screentime as people like Shan Smith, Xander Hastings, and Liana Wallace.

A new Survivor cast for Season 42

Survivor fans are going to get a brand new season of the show to watch in Spring 2022. The Survivor 42 start date is Wednesday, March 9, and it is also taking place in Fiji.

The rumored Survivor 42 cast bios have leaked and can be viewed here, giving fans an early look at who was brought in to compete on this new season.

CBS also released a Survivor 42 TV promo that can be watched here. It provides some early footage of the new castaways and has host Jeff Probst using a lot of adjectives and buzz words to get fans excited.

Survivor 42 debuts March 9 on CBS.

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2 years ago

Erikas entire game was luck and being carried along by Xander. Deshawns entire game was also luck, but also losing everything, a racist alliance and playing the absurd victim card, crybaby tantrums and bitterly desperate snitching. Xander crushed every category of the Survivor criteria ‘outwit, outlast, outplay, and blatantly deserved to win this season and yet he didnt get one single vote. What a disgusting display of racism.