Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown’s last life lesson was about family

The Browns are not about to give up their fight for total freedom. The emotional first episode of the new season of the Alaskan Bush People finally hit the airwaves, and emotions were running high.  The entire Wolf Pack has been struggling to keep Billy Brown’s dream alive, and the first episode did not disappoint


Alaskan Bush People family members: The complete list of who’s who

Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People have wowed viewers since 2014. The Wolf Pack had a special family bond and even came up with their own accent and dialog. The Brown family core consists of Billy, Ami, Matt, Bam, Bear, Gabe, Noah, Rain, and Bird. Monsters and Critics is ready to take a deep give into


Alaskan Bush People’s family tree has more Brown than you may know

The Brown family was made famous for their Discovery Channel show, Alaskan Bush People. Since the show’s debut in 2014, fans have watched the Wolf Pack navigate life in the bush. The show’s popularity has garnered its fair share of haters who think the show is fake. The Brown family consists of Billy and Ami


The real names of the Brown family on Alaskan Bush People revealed

Regardless of where the Brown family from the Alaskan Bush People are, they bring their love and respect for the wilderness. Even some of Billy and Ami Brown’s seven children’s names represent their closeness with nature.  The Wolf Pack was never a family to shy away from their uniqueness, and the Discovery Channel banked on

Alaskan Bush People daughter pays tribute to ‘angel’ mom Ami

Alaskan Bush People daughter Rain Brown has paid an emotional tribute to her mom Ami — calling her an “angel”. The 15-year-old thanked Ami for inspiring her and supporting her, and called her the “most amazing woman that’s ever walked this earth”. She added: “Not only am I lucky enough to have met an angel

Alaskan Bush People’s Rain Brown leaves fans guessing over Season 8

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown has left fans guessing over whether there’ll be an eighth season of the hit Discovery show — but says she’s keen. It came after the 15-year-old posted a picture online of her during a “coffee break” during her job as an “A2” — an audio technician. The picture showed her