Alaskan Bush People new season: Brown family battle flood as 2018 gets off to dramatic start

Alaskan Bush People's Gabe Brown helps his sister Rain down from a tree during a flood
Gabe helps sister Rain down from a tree during the flood and, inset, on Alaskan Bush People

Filming for Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People has commenced, and this year the Brown family have a flood of epic proportions to contend with along with their other adventures.

The Discovery Channel recently confirmed to Monsters and Critics that filming of new season was “delayed but filming now”. The Browns have already had a dramatic start to the year with Bear Brown ending up in hospital with an eye injury.

And now new details have emerged revealing another of the things the Brown family have to contend with in the new season is a devastating flood.

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After the family relocated to Tonasket, Washington, the town was hit with super-high water levels that required mandatory evacuations — and the Alaskan Bush People stars pitched in to help.

A photo posted by Rain Brown on her Instagram recently showed her being helped down from a tree by brother Gabe while surrounded by floodwaters.

Meanwhile, Radar Online has revealed other photos of the Brown clan dealing with the devastating flood. In the photos, generous Matt and Bam Bam can be seen carrying sandbags for their neighbors, pitching in with the town’s volunteer effort.

In addition to helping build a wall of sandbags, the family also assisted an elderly man whose lawn was plunged beneath the flood waters.

Despite the flooding and various family health scares, including matriarch Ami Brown’s recovery from cancer, Radar Online reports that overall filming “is going well” and the family are “excited” about their new Washington home.

The close-knit family is now living on an area of rolling green meadow and heavy forest. It will be fascinating to see how they respond to their new environment, which is a world away from the frozen Alaskan tundra!

Alaskan Bush People is expected to return for Season 8 later this year.

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