An imposter is pretending to be Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown’s girlfriend online

Gabe Brown on Alaskan Bush People and Rain and Rain Brown speaking on Instagram
Gabe Brown on Alaskan Bush People and Rain talking about the imposter posing as his girlfriend

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown has told how an imposter is posing as her brother Gabe’s girlfriend online — and has asked fans not to believe anything that is being said about him.

Rain, whose mom Ami has recently been undergoing a second round of chemotherapy, said Gabe was going through a “very hard time” at the moment, and that he had not had a phone since breaking it earlier in the year — hence why he hasn’t posted on his Instagram profile since August.

Her comments come after a woman called “Betty” repeatedly posted on Gabe’s profile saying that she was his girlfriend, with other followers calling her out on her “lies” and branding her “delusional” and a “fantasist”.

Gabe’s last Instagram post back in August came after previous ones where he told how he was suffering from a broken heart. He later deleted the posts and told how he “regretted” sharing his thoughts on Instagram.

He said: “I admit I’ve had a couple sad times recently and sorta regret sharing them on IG everyone has tough times I’m just thankful for everyone that’s here for me God family and all my instafriends thank you and God bless.”

In her Instagram video, Rain — who celebrated her 15th birthday last week — also told how her family including sister Birdie are all “very private people” which is why they are not more active on social media.

She said: “Hey everyone, so a really good friend of mine Racquel told me that there is this girl posing to be Gabe’s girlfriend, and I wanted to quickly sum some things up for you guys. Gabe does not have his phone, he hasn’t had his phone in a long time.

“Please don’t listen to anything anyone says about him, he’s going though a very hard time…his phone broke and he does not have it, and also Birdie likes to be kept very private and so she doesn’t, you know, she doesn’t really let anyone follow her and she doesn’t like people messaging her.

“You are welcome to message her, she’ll read it and sometimes I think she replies, I’m not positive. But, yeah, my family’s really private and that’s really the reason I’m the only one on here [Instagram], and I never say anything about the rest of my family — because they’re all very private people.”

It is not yet known whether Alaskan Bush People will return for a Season 8, however it has been reported that a Christmas special is set to air on December 15.

The Brown family recently took a road-trip to Colorado — where Ami and Billy later plan to set up a new permanent home — and it’s believed filming for the special took place there. The trip also saw Ami Brown photographed in public for the first time in three months.

Most of the family are now believed to be back in California, where Ami has been receiving treatment at the UCLA Medical Center as she battles cancer. However, Bam Bam Brown was recently spotted in New Orleans with girlfriend Allison Kagan, with whom he is currently renovating an old ferry boat on which it’s thought they later plan to live.

Meanwhile, Noah Brown is also believed to be living elsewhere after recently officially announcing his engagement to fiancee Rhain Merrill.

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