Alaskan Bush People’s Noah Brown slams trolls for hating on sister Rain, saying ‘she’s just 15’

Noah on Alaskan Bush People and Rain on her Instagram
Noah on Alaskan Bush People and, inset, Rain in a picture on her Instagram. Pic: @heroofkirrkwell

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown has slammed trolls for posting abusive comments about his younger sister Rain online, calling some of them “downright hateful”.

The reality star said Rain had recently taken some of the comments she had received to heart, and pointed out that she was just 15.

He then urged fans to flood her with “kind and generous words of encouragement”, adding: “Let’s show her that there are more people that love her then there are that are dislike her.”

Noah posted his heartfelt message on his Facebook page ahead of last week’s Christmas special, and said that the past few months — which have seen family matriarch Ami battling cancer — had been a “difficult time”.

He added that Rain — who is the most active of the Brown family members on social media — had recently become “discouraged” by some of the comments and messages she had received online.

Noah said: “Some people feel the need to try and say mean, insulting and down right hateful things to a 15 year old girl that is opening up to everyone in such a difficult time just to make them feel better about themselves.”

He added: “If you do not like it, then do not follow it, if you do not want see it, then do not look at it, if you do not want to hear it, then do not listen, if you have nothing nice to say, then do not say anything at all.”

His message was posted alongside pictures of him and Rain in the bush when she was younger.

Last week’s Christmas special saw the Brown family getting into the festive spirit by organizing a Christmas meal as a surprise for mom Ami. It also included a long-awaited update on how she is doing, revealing that her health has recently begun to improve following months of intense chemotherapy and radiation treatment for lung cancer.

Husband Billy said: “Her lungs are clear. She’s still weak and she has a cough and all that, but if you look inside her eyes that’s the best part because Ami’s back. She’s inside there, and she wasn’t for a while.”

Rain has frequently received abuse online over the past few months, despite her having to deal with her mother’s illness. Last week she revealed she would be taking a break from Instagram over the holidays — but teased fans by saying she would return with a “surprise”.

Rain also recently left fans guessing over whether there would be a Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People in a comment she made on the social media site. After she posted a picture of herself during a “coffee break” during her job as an “A2” — an audio technician — one fan asked if the picture signalled that the Discovery show was returning.

Rain replied cryptically:  “I can’t say but I defiantly wouldn’t mind filming another season! ❤️”

We told earlier this year how Noah recently officially announced his engagement to fiancee Rhain Merrill. At the time he also thanked her for her support as he and the rest of the family dealt with mom Ami’s cancer battle.

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