Here’s why Pawn Stars fans think Chumlee should be fired

Rick Harrison and Austin “Chumlee” Russell from Pawn Stars and the new spin-off, Pawn Stars Do America, have a contentious back-and-forth relationship. Fans are commenting about a recent interaction between Rick and Chumlee that was shared on Instagram. Chumlee has worked for Rick at the pawn shop in Las Vegas for over twenty years, so


Pawn Stars Do America fans suggest new ‘cameo’ for star Rick Harrison

Pawn Stars Do America, a spin-off of Pawn Stars, airs on Wednesday nights. Fans have commented on a video about the show that was posted on YouTube. This new show has the team Rick Harrison and his son, Corey, and family friend Chumlee traveling around the US looking at items that patrons would never get


Pawn Stars fans worry that Corey Harrison has a concerning medical condition

Pawn Stars, that fantastic show where people take their items to Rick Harrison’s pawn shop in Las Vegas, is back with a spinoff, and the crew is going on the road across America. The show, titled Pawn Stars Do America, has been filming around the country with the guys looking for collectible objects and historical

See the moment an original Barbie doll #1 from 1959 sold for $5,500 on Pawn Stars

Ever wondered what the first ever Barbie doll looked like? Here’s a near-perfect example, courtesy of History’s Pawn Stars. This newly released clip taken from one of the show’s Season 14 episodes features a Vintage Barbie Ponytail Doll #1 from 1959, including a box signed by the famous toy’s inventor Ruth Handler. The episode, titled

Will Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars buy O.J. Simpson’s Ford Bronco?

This week Pawn Stars takes a rather macarbe turn as Rick Harrison checks out the Ford Bronco that disgraced former athlete and actor O.J. Simpson drove whilst fleeing from the police in what must be the most infamous car chase in history. In 1994 Simpson was wanted for questioning in respect of the murders of his ex-wife