Pawn Stars fan ‘love to see’ Rick Harrison lose

Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars fame
Rick Harrison lost in a deal at the Pawn Shop and everyone knows he hates to lose. Pic credit: ©

Almost every transaction made on Pawn Stars seems to have a winner and a loser, with some haggling in between.

Rarely, if ever, does the seller and Rick Harrison agree immediately on the deals that make it on air at The History Channel.

Besides learning interesting tidbits about these items, the fun of watching these deals comes from watching Rick, his son Corey Harrison, or even family friend Chumlee haggle with the seller.

Rick often oversees the deals, especially when Chumlee is involved, because he wants to ensure he does not overpay for anything.

In a deal featured on Pawn Stars that involved a rare sundial, Rick called in an expert to ensure he spent the right amount of money on what the seller called a “spoil of war.”

In this video, the Pawn Stars team shared on YouTube, the title is Pawn Stars: RICK RELENTS and Sellers Make Bank!

The description reads, “Rick concedes and both him and the sellers leave happy.”

Fans thought Rick was angry and felt he lost over the deal

Rick called in an expert who confirmed that this sundial was museum quality and worth at least $7000.

The seller initially wanted to pawn the item because he wanted cash for gambling in Las Vegas, but he quickly changed his mind. He now wanted $6000 to $6500.

Rick started to haggle and came in at a much lower $3000, then up to $4000. The seller wanted $4500, more than Rick’s new offer of $4200.

They flip a coin to see who will win, but Rick loses and buys it for $4500.

Fans loved to see the interaction, which caused an angry Rick to lose. One fan said, “Rick is all angry he has to pay $4500.”

Another fan said, “I love to see Rick lose.”

Fans comment on a deal Rick Harrison made on Pawn Stars
Fans comment that Rick Harrison was angry and lost during a deal on Pawn Stars. Pic credit: @PawnStars/YouTube

Other fans commented on the beautiful piece that should be in a museum.

One fan said, “The sundial/night dial was so cool.” Another said, “I would never sell that magnificent piece of history.”

Someone else quoted Benjamin Franklin, “What use is a sundial in the shade?”

Fans of Pawn Stars comment on an item for sale
Fans comment on a sundial on Pawn Stars. Pic credit: @PawnStars/YouTube

Rick’s dad, ‘The Old Man’, was seen in this older episode

During this episode, fans saw Rick’s father, a regular fixture on the show until he died in 2018.

Rick called his “Pops” over to give his opinion about the sundial. His dad quipped back, “I ain’t that old.”

Anyone who has watched Pawn Stars for any length misses the original Richard Harrison, Rick’s dad. It was great seeing him on the show each week.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, fans learned of the elder’s passing when Rick posted about it on social media. He shared how upset everyone at the Gold & Silver Pawn shop was, but he had a peaceful death surrounded by loved ones.

Pawn Stars airs Wednesdays 8/7c on History and streams the next day.

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