Pawn Stars fans want to see Rick Harrison and Chumlee go to Disneyland

Rick Harrison and Chumlee at an event in Las Vegas
Fans would love to see Rick Harrison and Chumlee at Disneyland. Pic credit: ©

There is never a dull moment on any episode of Pawn Stars or the spin-off Pawn Stars Do America.

In a recent video, a would-be seller brought some items from Disneyland to be evaluated and sold.

Rick and Chumlee interacted with a seller in Season 15, Episode 6 of Pawn Stars, and fans loved seeing them value some Disney cast member costumes so much they had to comment.

These cast members’ costumes are from the rides of the Tower of Terror, the Haunted Mansion, and the Pirates of the Caribbean, circa 1967-1969.

Rick shared that he loves Disneyland, calling it a “neat place…no place like it,” which fans picked up on the sentiment and shared how they felt.

The video that Pawn Stars shared on its YouTube channel is captioned, “The Gold & Silver turns into the happiest place on earth when a seller brings in some vintage Disneyland employee costumes.”

Fans would like to see Rick and Chumlee film in Disneyland

A fan noticed the Disney items and brought up something fun for fans to watch.

This fan said, “Rick and Chumlee in Disney Land [sic], would like to see some footage of that!”

Another fan said, “I strongly second this!” and yet another agreed, “I agree, and I know they would appreciate it.”

It is easy to imagine all the possibilities of filming Rick and Chumlee on a Disney property. People could bring Disney memorabilia to be evaluated and possibly bought for the pawn shop.

Fans want Rick Harrison and Chumlee to go to Disneyland
Fans would like to see Rick Harrison and Chumlee go to Disneyland. Pic credit: @PawnStars/YouTube.

Later, a would-be seller brought a rare toy car in the same episode. This car, a Nomura space patrol toy car, was considered “super rare” by Rick. The seller wanted $10,000, but an expert saw splotchy paint in some areas, indicating it was repainted once. The expert said it was only worth $3,000, and fans had to comment.

One fan said, “I like it when the experts wish the sellers luck when they devalue the item by thousands.” Another fan replied, “It’s because they’re going to need it.”

Fans react to an expert on an episode of Pawn Stars
Fans react to an expert on Pawn Stars. Pic credit: @PawnStars/YouTube.

The Pawn Stars guys tease they are going on vacation

In an Instagram post captioned, “A little R&R never hurt anybody,” featuring Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison, and Chumlee, the guys are going on vacation.

Rick has shared a photo on his Instagram reels that shows he is in Paris on what seems to be a mini vacation with Angie Polushkin.

Rick Harrison with a girlfriend in Paris, France.
Rick Harrison is in Paris on a vacation, getting some rest. Pic credit: @rick_harrison/Instagram

It looks like he dresses up nicely when he’s not on Pawn Stars in his usual jeans and t-shirt and is out on the town in Paris.

Pawn Stars airs Wednesdays 8/7c on History and streams the next day.

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