Pawn Stars fans call out Corey Harrison for only being there because his ‘contract requires it’

Corey Harrison at an event for Pawn Stars
Corey Harrison gets some criticism from Pawn Stars fans. Pic credit: ©

One of the best parts of watching Pawn Stars is seeing the guys all interacting together and seeing the deals they make come to a close second.

When one of the three main stars, Rick Harrison, his son Corey Harrison, or Chumlee, is absent or on the set but not having fun, fans take notice.

Lately, Corey Harrison has stayed home while Rick Harrison and Chumlee go off and network for Pawn Stars.

Rick and Chumlee had just returned from a History Fest event in Mexico for the History Channel’s Mexican subsidiary.

Fans lined up in droves to see the guys, take photos, and maybe even get autographs of their favorite Pawn Stars. Then Rick and Chumlee lived their “best lives” at a bar in Las Vegas, singing and drinking with fans.

Now, fans are commenting on a video showing Corey looking like he did not want to look at McDonald’s memorabilia, let alone have fun with Rick and Chumlee.

Fans call out Corey Harrison’s lack of enthusiasm for his work

Pawn Stars shared a video on their YouTube channel. In the first segment, the guys see some McDonald’s memorabilia for sale.

In the video, Chumlee excitedly engages with the seller while Corey looks haggard and scowls.

Corey’s look did not go unnoticed by fans, who started commenting on the video.

One fan shared, “Really fun episode :) Hey I tell yah some people say Cory [sic] phones it is but he just texts it…texts it. Badum tiss.”

Another fan called the joke about Corey phoning it a “Good one.”

Pawn Stars fans criticize Corey Harrison
Pawn Stars fans criticize Corey Harrison. Pic credit: @PawnStars/YouTube

Another fan spelled out Corey’s demeanor more bluntly, saying he “is like ‘I am only here because my contract requires it’ lol.”

Pawn Stars fans criticize Core Harrison on the show
Pawn Stars fans criticize Corey Harrison. Pic credit: @PawnStars/YouTube

In the clip, Chumlee engages with the seller while Corey looks to be along for the ride. The seller does manage to sell his souvenirs for a nice $400.

Fans have worried about Corey Harrison before this episode

It could be that Corey did not look like he was having fun during the McDonald’s segment on Pawn Stars because he was ill. At least, that is what fans have been speculating.

One fan saw the YouTube video and said, “Corey looks ill!”

While another felt the same way and said, “Something is going on with Cory [sic]. I hope he’s alright.”

Pawn Star fans worry about Corey Harrison
Pawn Stars fans worry that Corey Harrison is sick. Pic credit: @PawnStars/YouTube

This is not the first time fans have worried about Corey Harrison. Recently, a photo Rick posted on Instagram had fans worrying about the hunch in Corey’s back and how thin he’s been getting.

If he is under the weather, that could be why he’s been staying closer to home and not going out on the road with his dad, Rick, and friend, Chumlee.

Pawn Stars airs Wednesdays 8/7c on History and streams the next day.

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