Pawn Stars fans back Rick Harrison’s decision not to buy a rare scouting patch

Rick Harrison at an A&E upfront in NYC
Rick Harrison declined a sale and fans agree it was the right decision. Pic credit: ©

Sometimes, a deal is not meant to go through, as an interaction that Rick Harrison had on an episode of Pawn Stars proved recently.

While fans wait for new episodes of Pawn Stars, The History Channel shared Season 15, Episode 2, on its YouTube channel.

Fans are reacting to one of the deals involving a rare scouting patch that a lady was trying to sell to take her family on a trip.

The patch was what Rick called the “Holy Grail of WWII patches,” an Alamo Scouts WWII military patch, and the original owner’s granddaughter was trying to sell it.

The seller wanted $6500 for the rare patch that any scouting or WWII collector would snatch up instantly if it were real and they had the cash.

Once the expert, Mark Hall-Patton, was called in and confirmed it was real, the haggling began for this scarce scouting patch, of which only 440 were made.

Fans of Pawn Stars back Rick for declining the deal

The seller, who intimately knew the history of the family heirloom, wanted to sell it to take her children on a trip. Rick was unprepared to pay $6500, so he countered it with $2500. The seller wanted $5000, so Rick countered $3000, then offered $3200.

When the seller did not budge, Rick concluded the bidding and declined to proceed. Fans were happy that Rick did not buy it.

One fan said, “I was happy when Rick and the woman with the patch didn’t make a deal.” Another fan agreed, “Yes let’s sell my grandfathers crazy rare patch to take my kids on a trip. What a joke dude.”

Pawn Stars fan comment on a deal Rick Harrison did not make
Fans of Pawn Stars comment on a deal that Rick Harrison declined. Pic credit: @PawnStars/YouTube

The idea of selling a family heirloom for a trip did not bode well with fans.

Fans are commenting on Chumlee and the poster girl

Another transaction had fans commenting on Chumlee and a pretty “poster girl,” as one fan called the seller. The seller brought in an ultra-rare poster of the Mad Max movie made in Australia. The expert who was brought in, David Lieberman, said that only 75-100 were made in this orange color.

When Chumlee, Rick Harrison’s family friend and long-time employee, asked the seller how she liked Mad Max as a movie, she admitted she had never seen it.

She bought it for a client who did not want it, and since she paid a hefty $10,000 for the piece, she wasn’t looking to take any less.

One fan commented, “Why spend 10k on a poster for a movie you’ve never seen.”

Then, the talk turned to Chum and the seller, and one fan said, “I think Chum liked poster girl.” Another fan said, “I like her to [sic].”

Fans of Pawn Stars comment on Chumlee and a sale
Fans comment on Chumlee and a poster sale. Pic credit: @PawnStars/YouTube

Chumlee did the right thing by starting low and refused to go higher than $3000 for the piece because Rick may have come in and tried to take over the sale.

Pawn Stars Do America airs Wednesdays 8/7c on History and streams the next day.

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