Chicago Fire releases synopsis for Matt Casey’s return

The Chicago Fire cast has welcomed back Jesse Spencer. For Season 11, Episode 18 of the hit show, Matthew Casey will be back at Firehouse 51. After it was revealed that Casey was returning, many Chicago Fire fans celebrated the news. Now, the time for NBC to debut the episode has arrived. Airing on the


Chicago Fire spoilers: Return of Jesse Spencer (Matthew Casey)?

Possible Chicago Fire spoilers may have just been revealed online in a photo from the set of the show. An Instagram user (@the1zforce) just shared a series of photos from an upcoming episode in which he is slated to appear. But one of the images really stands out from the rest because it features actor


Chicago Fire spoilers: Jesse Spencer hilariously addresses leaked set photos

Chicago Fire spoilers about the upcoming season finale have been floating around for a while, and now former star Jesse Spencer has surfaced on Twitter to address some leaked photos. Jesse Spencer played Matthew Casey on the Chicago Fire cast for nearly 10 years, and he decided to leave the show during the first-half of


Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 20 synopsis revealed

Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 20 will be the next installment of the NBC drama, but it won’t arrive until after the current hiatus ends. All three One Chicago shows are on one final hiatus before the final episodes of Spring 2022 start rolling out in mid-May. It’s not always easy for fans of the hit NBC


Chicago Fire spoilers: Is Matthew Casey in the season finale episode?

Chicago Fire spoilers now reveal some specific news about what will happen during the Season 10 finale of the show. Jesse Spencer played Matthew Casey for the first nine seasons of Chicago Fire, but early during Season 10, he decided to leave the show to spend time with his family. It broke the hearts of


Is Casey coming back to Chicago Fire?

Jesse Spencer left the Chicago Fire cast early in Season 10, with his character, firefighter Matthew Casey, moving to Portland to take care of the kids left behind by a fallen friend. Losing Casey from the Chicago Fire cast was a huge deal for the show, and his absence continues to be felt as the


Is Casey leaving Chicago Fire in 2021? Is Jesse Spencer’s cast exit here?

Casey leaving Chicago Fire became a real fear last night. Could Jesse Spencer really leave the Chicago Fire cast during Season 10? On the new episode of Chicago Fire called The Right Thing, we quickly came to realize that the title of the episode might be foreshadowing what Firefighter Matthew Casey might have to do


Chicago Fire tonight: New episode puts Casey in danger, show hints at tears

Chicago Fire is new tonight and there are a lot of subplots that will be covered in the episode. The storyline for Season 8, Episode 14 is revealed in the synopsis that NBC released. It reads as follows: “A series of mysterious gas leaks has members of Firehouse 51 puzzled and spread thin. Brett’s conflicted


Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 13 recap: Chicago shows up for each other

Last night’s Chicago Fire told us a tragic, but touching story. While “A Chicago Welcome” was more of a filler episode in season 8, the main plot with Casey and Brett carried the hour very nicely, despite the uneven storytelling on other fronts. I’m still scratching my head in confusion at what the hell happened


Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 7 Recap: The one where Casey had an epiphany

Last night’s Chicago Fire was packed with storylines, and at the same time, it was a lighter episode. Welcome to Crazytown started with a bang, as Firehouse 51 rushed to the scene of a hostage situation. Those first five minutes were packed with action and suspense. Casey and Severide rappeling the side of a building