Supernatural recap: the Winchesters prepare Jack for his confrontation with God

This week on Supernatural, Billie/Death sends the boys on a mission as part of her plan to prepare Jack for his confrontation with God/Chuck. Team Winchester is surprised by the appearance of unexpected visitors with familiar faces. Chuck has been destroying all his alternate realities before confronting his Prime World, so Sam and Dean have


Supernatural: The Winchesters are confronted with their doppelgangers

Supernatural returns on Monday and takes a break from the drama and tension with another humorous episode. Destiny’s Child sees the Winchesters come face to face with versions of themselves from another universe. If the promo is anything to go by, the results are hilarious. God/Chuck has been going around “canceling shows,” destroying the other


Supernatural season 15 episode 12 recap: the Winchesters make a daring rescue

This week on Supernatural, the Winchesters enter their end game with God/Chuck. But first, they must save a lost friend from a dying world. Chuck finds himself an audience of one for his monologue about all the worlds he created, all his toys, but how none brings him as much joy, disappointment, and surprise as


Jack returns to Supernatural in sneak peek of Galaxy Brain, but what’s his story?

Supernatural is back tonight, now airing on Mondays, and the sneak peek of the episode promises that Jack’s return may not be the simple blessing the Winchesters might have hoped. The CW has released a sneak peek of tonight’s Supernatural return, entitled Galaxy Brain. The clip shows the Winchesters and Castiel discussing Billie/Death’s plan to defeat


Supernatural switches days — Here’s when The CW hit returns in 2020

The latest Supernatural promo for season 15 episode 12 “Galaxy Brain” doesn’t tell us much, except that the series is moving to Mondays and won’t return for new episodes until March. That’s really the main idea of the promo and they definitely don’t bury the lead. A lot of Supernatural sneak peek is dedicated to


Supernatural season 15 episode 11 recap: The Gamblers

This week on Supernatural, Sam and Dean go in search of a mythical place in Alaska to get their luck back in “The Gamblers.” Meanwhile, Cass goes in search of a killer.  During the 15 season span on Supernatural, Sam and Dean have traveled all across the country and back in their trusty Impala. Never