Supernatural season 15 episode 11 recap: The Gamblers

Sam and Dean travel to Alaska to find their luck in Supernatural. Pic credit: The CW
Sam and Dean travel to Alaska to find their luck in Supernatural. Pic credit: The CW

This week on Supernatural, Sam and Dean go in search of a mythical place in Alaska to get their luck back in “The Gamblers.” Meanwhile, Cass goes in search of a killer. 

During the 15 season span on Supernatural, Sam and Dean have traveled all across the country and back in their trusty Impala.

Never before have they ventured to Alaska, and never before have they attempted to find a mythical place supposedly located on the road between two places not accessible by road.

Good luck with that, fellas.

Supernatural: Dean and Sam head to Alaska

Geographical impossibilities aside, Sam begins to wonder if all their searching is worth it. Dean says if changing their luck means that he can digest cheese and get rid of heartburn then he’s all for it. Sam suggests just changing his diet. 

When they make a stop at a small-town cafe, the waitress there tells them about a magic pool hall that supposedly can supercharge your luck, but that some people who go are never heard from again.

Predictably, the Winchesters will take their chances.

The idea in the pool hall is pretty simple. You stake your luck against others; the more you win, the better your luck is, but if you lose it all, you’re basically dead. Dean finds this out the hard way when he wins against an older man who immediately dies from cancer that he was playing to beat. Gruesome stuff.

Many of the patrons are stuck there, prisoners of Fortuna (Lynda Boyd), the goddess of fortune. The house is skimming from the players’ winnings, so they never end up having enough luck to get out. Sam wants to play Fortuna for the lives of everyone at the bar, but she won’t risk it. So they play for their own luck.

Sam gets Fortuna talking about the creation of mythical gods and her ancient grudge against Chuck. Sam uses it as a distraction to win the game. She’s impressed.

They could get away with what they have, but Sam presses his luck and gets her to play him for everyone’s lives. It’s dumb, but they have to try. She might not care about these people, but the Winchesters do.

Lynda Boyd guest stars as Fortuna on Supernatural. Pic credit: The CW
Lynda Boyd guest stars as Fortuna on Supernatural. Pic credit: The CW

While Fortuna easily beats Sam at their last game, they and everyone else emerge from the pool hall free and unharmed. Fortuna was impressed with their bravery, saying that she thought the age of heroes had passed.

She shuts down her operation, releases everyone, and supercharges their luck. They might have what it takes to beat Chuck after all.   

Misha Collins returns to Supernatural this week as Cass goes in search of a killer.

Meanwhile, Cass returns to the bunker to find that the boys have gone to Alaska, but Sam’s note offers no further explanation. When one of their many dummy cellphones ring, Cass answers it to discover that a Sheriff Evans in Oklahoma has information about a suspect of interest to the FBI: Jack Kline.

Cass takes on the case, identifying himself as Agent Lizzo (of course, Cass would have the most updated musical taste of the team). The Sheriff sends him security footage of Jack killing a local doctor and eating his heart.

Strange behavior, but Cass is more immediately concerned with locating Jack and bringing him home. 

When Cass investigates the scene, he discovers that the victim was a Grigori — an ancient race of guardian angels that went rogue and began feeding off people’s souls. While they are almost extinct, there are a few left, and Jack is hunting them down.

Unfortunately, Jack gets captured by the last remaining Grigori. Jack gets tortured a little bit before Cass swoops in to kill the Grigori and rescue Jack.

It’s a touching reunion, and despite Jack’s murderous heart-eating ways, it is the Jack they know and love.

Jack catches up with Sam, Dean, and Castiel in The Gamblers. Pic credit: The CW
Jack catches up with Sam, Dean, and Castiel in The Gamblers. Pic credit: The CW

When Sam and Dean return to the bunker, Cass is there to surprise them with Jack. There’s lots of hugging and face touching all around before they all sit down for a beer.

Jack explains that Billie/Death kept him hidden in the Empty until Chuck went off-world, and it was safe for him to return. Jack had to eat the hearts of the Grigori to make himself stronger.

Billie has a plan for him — a way that they can kill God.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7 C on The CW.

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