Is Harry Clayton dead or alive on Stan Lee’s Lucky Man?

UPDATE: Read our latest recap of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man to find out whether Harry lived or died Last week left us on the edge of our seats as Harry Clayton lay on his back after seemingly getting electrocuted while endeavouring to keep his ex-wife safe from Isabella. But is Harry, the titular character of Lucky

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Episode 3 Recap: Golding teams with a murderous butcher

Tonights Lucky Man saw the return of Golding and his eventual capture, but with most things on this show. Nothing is as straightforward as it seems. The episode starts with Eve running home but when she arrives there is an uninvited guest. It’s Golding and he demands her phone and then takes her hostage. Meanwhile, Harry


Recap: Lucky Man brings us hate crimes, religion & games of chance

On Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Season 2 Episode 2, when a murder takes place outside of a London gay club, Harry and Suri are called in to investigate. Initially the evidence points to Shawn Blake, which leads to a church ran by a Reverend Huxley. Meanwhile Isabella is continuing to try and teach Harry about