Stan Lee’s Lucky Man recap: Harry dances with a devil called Isabella

Isabella attempts to seduce Harry in order to prevent him from investigating further

When a taxi driver is found drowned in the canal, Harry and his team are called in to investigate and the first thing on their to do list is to find a mysterious woman who dodged her fare.

Harry is told from up high to try and include DI Orwell more on his investigations. Orwell is considering a transfer.

Orwell, who has little love for Harry, finds CCTV footage of the woman that walks away from the scene of the Taxi drivers death.

As they begin to follow this lead another body is found and then an internet search turns up another drowning victim who had just recently had a lung operation and seemingly committed suicide.

At the coroner’s office Harry and Suri learn that the two victims were drugged with a muscle relaxant prior to being thrown into the canal, meaning they they would not have been able to struggle or move.

Having a brief bit of spare time, Harry, who is getting more and more suspicious of Isabella, does a search on interpol to find any dirt on her.

The search turns up nothing, but word is soon passed on to Isabella that Harry has been checking up on her.

Elsewhere, Eve has abducted Isabella’s driver and has got him to reveal that Isabella has been using her bracelet to create some deadly accidents.

Back on the case, Harry and Suri follow up on a lead that takes them to a private medical practice, which treated the third drowning victim.

Harry manages to get the doctor to reveal that they had fired a nurse who was caught stealing medication, which included the muscle relaxant that has been used in all the murders.

This new lead sees Harry and Suri playing a visit to Daisy Cartmel, but unfortunately she has passed away of an overdose by the time they arrive.

The coroner reveals that she has been dead for at least four weeks, which clears her of any of the murders.

Following up on another lead, Orwell and Suri pay a visit to another nurse while Harry pays a visit to Clair Cartmel, the sister of Daisy and also the killer.

Harry questions Claire Cartmel (Ripper Street’s Charlene McKenna)

Apparently Claire Cartmel, who is played brilliantly by Ripper Street’s Charlene McKenna, has a personal mission to murder addicts.

Having been informed about Harry’s Interpol search, Isabella tries to distract Harry from the case by attempting to seduce him. She is ultimately unsuccessful.

When questioning Claire, Harry begins to sense that she is hiding something and gets very suspicious when he sees her put her coat on — the same coat she is wearing in the CCTV footage.

Harry pushes his luck a little by asking Claire to get him a photo of her sister. Claire figures out that Harry is playing for time and drugs him with the muscle relaxant.

Clare Cartmel drugs Harry and proceeds to justify her actions.

Back at the station, Suri and Orwell along with Winter are worried about Harry and race to his rescue having figured out what is happening.

They arrive just as Claire pushes a very relaxed Harry into the canal. As they arrive they swerve, just missing Isabella — who is seemingly trying to use her bracelet to ensure Harry is killed.

Unfortunately for Isabella, Orwell manages to save him.

Suri arrests Claire, who is absolutely without remorse for the murders, while Harry and Orwell who are recovering from their dip in the canal kind of have it out.

When he returns home, Harry finds an envelope has been delivered. He opens it to find a DVD from Eve. It’s the driver telling her about Isabella and how she has been using her bracelet to get away with murder.

This was a really good episode with an awesome performance from Charlene McKenna as the murderer who has some pretty major issues with addicts.

Lucky Man: Things we’re left wondering

  1. Will Orwell leave now that he has seemingly been brought more into the team?
  2. What will Isabella do now that Harry is on to her?
  3. How will Harry use the new information regarding Isabella

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man airs every Friday on Sky One at 9PM UK Time.

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