Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Episode 3 Recap: Golding teams with a murderous butcher

Harry (James Nesbitt) takes a bit of beating as he is nearly seen off by Golding and Sykes.
Harry (James Nesbitt) takes a bit of beating as he is nearly seen off by Golding and Sykes

Tonights Lucky Man saw the return of Golding and his eventual capture, but with most things on this show. Nothing is as straightforward as it seems.

The episode starts with Eve running home but when she arrives there is an uninvited guest. It’s Golding and he demands her phone and then takes her hostage.

Meanwhile, Harry is hanging out with Isabella and the two seem to be doing their usual dance as she continues to try and seduce him. While they mess about in the water. They are spotted by Harry’s ex wife and her new partner. The four have an entertaining dinner in which the women are measuring each other up. Thankfully Harry gets a call from the station. There’s been a murder.

Coveted by many, worn by a few
Coveted by many, worn by a few

At the station Harry learns of an unusual murder. The victim seems to have ingested some human flesh. As things develop we learn that the flesh was ingested via some pork pies.

While at the station Suri reveals a lead on Golding. Harry is shocked and wanting to investigate the case, but his boss orders him off the case.

Smithfield butcher's market
Smithfield meat market

Instead Harry is forced to work with Orwell and it be fair to say the two men have a dislike for each other. While with Orwell Harry finds the butcher that sold the meat for the pies. Turns out its a man by the name of Sykes. As the investigation  continues. Harry finds a link between Sykes and Golding. The two crooks have been working together.

Back at what looked like a meat packing place. Golding is with Sykes and they are on the verge of trying to run. Golding orders Sykes to kill Eve. As Sykes has the butchers knife to Eve’s throat she pleads with Golding to spare her and tells him that there is a second lucky bracelet. Eve goes on to tell Golding about Isabella.

Harry is in real trouble
Harry is in real trouble

Harry goes to see Isabella and asks for her help so he can save Eve. Isabella initially refuses because she blames Eve and the Bracelet for the death of her two children.

After Harry leaves. Isabella hears her door bell ring. It’s Golding and Sykes. Golding asks Isabella for her help to kill Harry so he can take Harry’s bracelet. Isabella agrees, but it turns out to be a double cross.

By  close of the episode Harry has finally caught Golding and managed to save Eve with help from Isabella who for whatever reason decided to turn Golding in at the last minute. Harry had to suffer a bit of beating first.

Were left with a couple questions this week:

  1. What kind of game is Eve playing?
  2. Is Harry really through with Golding?
  3. How much does Eve know about the bracelet’s and there mysterious origins?

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man airs on Sky One at 9PM UK Time.

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