Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Season 2 opener brings us a poisoner and two lucky bracelets

James Nesbitt in Stan Lee's Lucky Man Season 2
James Nesbitt as Detective Harry Clayton in Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Season 2

Picking up the story six months after the first season ended, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man sees Harry a changed man in Season 2.

He is no longer making use of his lucky bracelet and is beginning to feel the strain. Things seem to be so much harder and his continued search for Golding and a case involving a poisoner is only adding to the pressure.

When Harry meets Isabella Augustine (Thekla Reuten) who also has a lucky bracelet, Harry’s luck begins to change for the better and he begins to ask why.

Isabella tells him that he needs to use his bracelet and not worry about repercussions, but Harry isn’t convinced. They part ways after their first meeting with Isabella wishing him all the luck in the world.

While investigating the poisoner with his partner Suri some scaffolding falls in Harry’s direction damn near killing him, but missing him entirely.

When Harry peers through a broken window, which the scaffolding has smashed, he comes across what looks like a chemical lab.

The lab turns out to be the flat of the poisoner and leads Harry to Amit. The two exchange words, but Harry’s refusal to use his bracelet prevents him from catching Amit.

Back at the police station Harry’s peers start giving him a tough time. Especially Orwell who bears a grudge against him for events that took place in the first season.

In spite of this, Harry continues to try and lead an honest investigation and hatches a plot to use Amit’s mother as bait to draw the killer out.

They soon figure out that Amit’s motive for the murders is revenge for all those who have done him wrong.

Apparently he had a break down after his parents’ business went bust and could not go to university to study because his folks could not afford the fees.

Amit holds a grudge against the police for dragging him and his father out of their old home when it was repossessed and attempts to kill the police officers stationed outside of his mum’s place.

After failing to capture Amit for a second time, Harry goes to see Isabella and asks her if her wishing him all the luck in the world saved his life and led to his initial lead on Amit.

Again Isabella tells him that he needs to use his bracelet, but gives him another lead which takes him to a warehouse behind the University of London.

At the warehouse Harry finds another lab in which Amit has been making some Sarin gas. His plan is to release the gas into the ventilation system of the university and kill everyone there.

Finally deciding to chance using his bracelet, Harry manages to prevent the gas from being released while Suri catches Amit.

After Amit is captured Harry rushes to see his ex wife to find out if there have been any negative repercussions. He finds that his ex is fine and moves on.

With his luck seemingly changing for the better Harry goes to see Isabella and asks her to show him what else his bracelet can do.

While Isabella and Harry are talking, we see a man of Asian origin watching them.

Right off the bat, the Season 2 premiere of Lucky Man leaves us with the following questions.

  • Who is Isabella, and aside from owning a Lucky Bracelet what is her interest in Harry?
  • Who is the mysterious Asian man we see watching Harry and Isabella?
  • Does Harry’s bracelet’s luck always come at the expense of his family and friends or is that just in his head?
  • Where is Golding? Does the mysterious Asian man have some sort of connection to him?

This opening episode was pretty solid. We liked the fact that Harry, a gambling addict, was struggling not to use his bracelet, which has often proved to be a sure thing.

Also credit has to go to Tom Reed who put in a pretty good performance as Amit.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man airs every Friday at 9PM UK time on Sky One.

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