Stan Lee’s Lucky Man recap: Love, loss and tragedy follow Harry in season finale

Anna and Harry come to terms with the fact that he needs the bracelet in order to catch Isabella

In the Lucky Man Season 2 finale, Harry is faced by some difficult decisions.

The final episode opens up with Harry and the team surveying the scene of Alistair Winter’s murder.

While Harry is standing outside the house Eve shows up with the bracelet. She and Harry talk and Eve tries to persuade Harry that the only way he can beat Isabella is with the bracelet. Harry turns it down.

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Back at Scotland Yard, Harry takes over as the chief detective and sets the team to work on finding and arresting Isabella.

The first thing he does is arrange a raid on Isabella’s home, but it is soon revealed that it was never her home.

When the team get to Isabella’s plush apartment, they find that a wealthy family is living there.

When asked if they know of an Isabella Augustine the father of the family says no and reveals that they have been away from three months.

He also adds that they didn’t lease their home out either, for fear of the art being destroyed.

This setback leaves Harry puzzled and at a loss. Isabella and her bracelet are way too powerful for him.

To break him out of his slump Anna visits Harry and takes him to a hotel to spend time with the pair’s daughter.

While at the hotel Anna awakes to find Harry looking into the distance on the balcony. He tells Anna that in order to catch Isabella he’ll need to get his bracelet back. Anna is accepting of his point of view — that it is inevitable.

Harry visits Eve and gets the bracelet back, but it comes with a cost. Eve tells him that in order for him to take the bracelet on again, he’ll need to give up everything that he loves.

As soon as he gets the bracelet, the first thing Harry does is makes sure that Anna and his daughter are safe by sending them away.

While Harry is dealing with his ex-wife and daughter, Isabella has launched a plan of her own and arranged for Harry’s brother to be abducted.

After seeing his ex-wife and daughter off at the airport, Harry gets a call from Suri. She tells him that Isabella has gotten his brother.

Harry, Orwell and Suri figure out where Isabella’s accomplice is located

Upon hearing this news, Harry rushes to the station to meet up with Suri and Orwell to try and figure out where Isabella has taken his brother.

Harry uses the bracelet along with a bit of deduction to figure out where Isabella’s car is.

Once they find Isabella’s car, Harry and the team head out and arrest the man driving. But when they look in the back of the car, they find that Harry’s brother is not there.

While being interrogated, Isabella’s associate tells Harry that there is a message from his brother on the mobile phone he was carrying.

When hearing the message, Harry tries to rough the associate up, but Orwell steps in and pulls Harry off.

Later, while obsessing over the message on the phone, Harry figures out where his brother could be and sets out to find him.

While Harry is out looking for his brother, Suri figures out where Isabella is and takes Orwell with her to arrest her.

They take Isabella in, but she is only caught because she wants to be.

Harry manages to save his brother just in the nick of time. He then sends his brother away for his own protection.

While Harry is preoccupied with his brother, Isabella is executing the perfect escape from the police cells.

Suri calls Harry to let him know that they have arrested Isabella. Harry tells Suri to get out of the station as fast as possible.

He tells her that Isabella allowed herself to be captured. Suri adds it all up and pretty much begins to evacuate the station but gets caught in the blast after Isabella’s bomb is detonated.

By the time Harry gets to the station, it is a crumbled mass of billowing smoke. He looks for Suri with Orwell and they eventually find her under some of the remains of the building.

Harry and Orwell get Suri to an ambulance, while Suri tells Harry to get Isabella before losing consciousness.

Harry goes up to what was his office and stares out into the distance at a building where Isabella is.

The two bracelet-wearers are drawn together. Isabella makes her way to the station for the final confrontation.

Isabella realises that her luck has run out as she faces off with Harry one last time

As Isabella steps out of the lift and into Harry’s office she is faced by Harry pointing a gun at her.

She talks him down saying that he is not like her; that he is a good person.

Harry temporarily drops his guard and a bit of the building’s scaffolding very nearly falls on him. Isabella uses this opportunity to try and leave, but the lift’s power fails and her luck is seemingly at an end.

Harry gets up from where the scaffolding fell. Isabella says he should be dead, but Harry shows her that he is wearing the bracelet.

At this point Isabella ascends the stairs to the roof. Harry follows and once more points the gun at her.

Isabella once more tries to talk him down, but ultimately fails as Harry starts to tell her that he’d liked to have met her before she wore the bracelet; he’d like to have met her with her kids before they were killed.

The guilt trip works as Isabella confesses to having used her bracelet for selfish ends. The two bracelet-wearers walk slowly to each other. Harry still can’t find it in himself to kill Isabella.

Isabella then takes hold of Harry’s gun hand and helps him point it as she squeezes the trigger, taking the responsibility away from Harry.

Isabella takes control of Harry’s gun and shoots herself

Then Eve turns up to retrieve the bracelet from Isabella as Harry walks away.

The end credits then roll, but we get a brief post-credits sequence in which Eve is looking to throw the bracelet into the River Thames.

The picture freezes as she winds up to throw it…

Lucky Man: Questions we’re left asking

  1. Does Eve really throw the bracelet into the Thames or will she pull back at the last minute?
  2. Is Suri alive? We saw her pass out and her injuries looked quite serious.
  3. Will there be a third season?

Only time will tell!

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