Recap: Lucky Man brings us hate crimes, religion & games of chance

Isabella and Harry in Lucky Man
Isabella tries to convince Harry that the bracelets are a never-ending means to luck and fortune.

On Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Season 2 Episode 2, when a murder takes place outside of a London gay club, Harry and Suri are called in to investigate. Initially the evidence points to Shawn Blake, which leads to a church ran by a Reverend Huxley.

Meanwhile Isabella is continuing to try and teach Harry about the Bracelet, but Harry continues to resist the temptation of using it. Eve the woman that put the bracelet on Harry pays Isabella a visit and tries to warn her off, but unfortunately for Eve Isabella has some dirt on her.

Having followed up on Shawn Blake, Harry and Suri pay a visit to Reverend Huxley. A series of mind games starts in which Huxley tries to get under Harry’s skin. Harry takes an instant dislike to Huxley and knows in his bones that something isn’t right, but he has no proof.

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When a second murder takes place, the victim is revealed to be a member of Huxley’s church and is wearing the same tattoo, which the first murder victim had recently had removed. The tattoo happens to match up with the stein glass ceiling window of Huxley’s church.

After running a background check on Huxley, Suri finds out that he was a psychiatrist who got struck off for cruel and unusual treatments of gay patients. This revelation only fuels Harry’s determination to bring Huxley down.

Suri in Lucky Man
Suri lends a helping hand to Harry while questioning Reverend Huxley

While on a break from the investigation Harry spends some time with Isabella who is on the top floor of a hotel. Isabella continues to try and coax Harry into using his bracelet and proceeds to jump off the building to illustrate her point.

Harry pleads with her not to jump, but when she does one of the maintenance lifts happens to prevent her from falling.

Back on the case, Harry breaks into the building where Huxley used to work and accesses the records, which have the full reports of why Huxley was struck off. He then takes this to Suri and they both proceed to bring Huxley in for questioning.

During the questioning, Huxley revealed that he was once gay and has spent his time since trying to cure other gay people via the use of religion.

As the conversation develops further we learn that the murderer is one of Huxley’s flock who the first murder victim was trying to help.

We also learn that the second victim was the murderer’s wife who was involved in trying to make him straight. In order to draw him out. Harry lets Huxley go free and tails him.

At the church the murderer goes after Huxley, but Harry is eventually able to apprehend him.

Harry still feels that Huxley and his methods are to blame for the deaths and feels cheated at not having been able to bring him in.

We then see Huxley out walking the streets only to get hit by a van.

In other developments, we learn that Golding has supposedly been sighted — which has led Harry to put a police protection detail on his ex wife and daughter.

Lucky Man: Questions we’re left asking

  1. What does Isabella have on Eve?
  2. Are the bracelets able to cancel each other out? Twice we have seen examples of this when Isabella has somehow used hers to summon Harry. Thus far there is no explanation for it.
  3. Why did Eve give Isabella the Bracelet? We know what her agenda is with Harry. But why Isabella?

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