Is Harry Clayton dead or alive on Stan Lee’s Lucky Man?

Harry on Lucky Man
James Nesbitt’s Harry on Lucky Man — but is he really dead, or is he still alive?

UPDATE: Read our latest recap of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man to find out whether Harry lived or died

Last week left us on the edge of our seats as Harry Clayton lay on his back after seemingly getting electrocuted while endeavouring to keep his ex-wife safe from Isabella.

But is Harry, the titular character of Lucky Man, really dead?

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By all accounts it looked pretty grim. Anna was trying CPR and Eve was on the scene, but we didn’t see Harry come to after their collective efforts.

Then we got the flash forward to a teaser for the next episode and no sight or hint of Harry.

What we do learn is the bracelet that Harry has been wearing has been passed on to someone else, which seems to suggest that Harry actually did die.

As we all know, these mysterious bracelets can only be removed once the person wearing them has died.

So for Eve to be able to remove it from Harry, he would have needed to have been dead.

But what if he’d been saved?

It’s a well a known fact that you can be legally dead for a short period of time, but get brought back.

So what if Harry was only dead for a matter of minutes before the paramedics arrived and were able to revive him.

Perhaps he is in a coma.

We do know that his boss Winter has asked Suri and Orwell to look into all of Harry’s cases, and that has some wondering why she would do that.

Let’s not forget, there was bad blood between Winter and Harry during the shows first series.

So irrespective of if Harry is dead or alive, it would not be too much of a stretch for Isabella to be manipulating Winter and perhaps looking to exploit the fact that Winter has a past when it comes to Harry.

Might Harry’s friends on the force be keeping it secret that he is alive, if indeed he is?

Anna had a run-in with Isabella a couple of weeks back and Isabella is still a suspect in spite of her efforts to shift blame towards Eve for framing her.

The question though is will Lucky Man be able to carry on for a third series if Harry is indeed dead?

One way or another we’ll find out what’s happened in tonight’s episode…

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man airs every Friday night on Sky 1 at 9pm UK time.

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