Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Season 2 Episode 8 recap: Harry and Isabella play some deadly games

Orwell and Suri bring Isabella to the station for questioning

This weeks episode of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, Season 2 Episode 8, picks up from where we left off.

Isabella has just started dating Harry’s boss Winter and she is seemingly using police files on Winter’s computer to turn vigilante.

When the team find one of London’s most wanted drug dealers dead, the forensic investigation reveals that both dealers shot themselves. Harry immediately suspects Isabella and starts trying to figure out a way to bring her to justice.

Out of frustration Harry goes to a card game where he meets Bill, a fellow gambler who is carrying a massive debt to some very dangerous people.

Harry meets Bill one more time later on when he attends a gamblers’ support meeting. He tries to befriend Bill and offers to be his sponsor.

When a car with the charred body of another criminal is found, Harry immediately suspects Isabella and calls her out on it.

Isabella says she didn’t kill the guy and challenges Harry to a race in order to find and hunt down the real killer.

Harry gets Bill’s image up on the phone while contacting Eve to locate him

While at the crime scene Harry finds the cars registration plate and runs a quick check on it. He finds out that the car was registered to Bill.

Knowing that he has has not got much time, Harry  calls Eve and asks her to locate where Bill works so he can get there before Isabella and hopefully save Bill’s life.

Isabella gets the address to Harry and he heads over to a warehouse in white city where he finds Bill working security.

Harry flashes Bill his badge and identifies himself. Bill panics and makes a run for it. Harry chases Bill down, but Bill loses his balance and is about to fall off of the railings above the warehouse’s main flooring area. Its quite a big drop.

Harry reaches out to try and stop Bill from falling but he’s too late. Bill falls and hits the deck.

As his body hits the floor we see a deck of playing cards flutter to the ground as Isabella leaves the scene.

Harry looks down helplessly as Bill’s body hits the floor.

By the time Harry gets down to Bill’s body, Eve has left the scene. Harry puts some gloves on before even handling the body.

He reaches into Bill’s pocket and uses his phone to call Isabella. Harry tells her that he is going to get her and she will rot in a prison cell for the rest of her life. He then replaces the phone and uses his own phone to call Eve.

Eve turns up and helps Harry with a plan to implicate Isabella for the murder by concocting some physical evidence.

This consists of a crow bar and some of Bill’s blood, which Eve takes to Isabella’s home and sprays all over one of Isabella’s shirts from her laundry basket.

The next day, Orwell and Suri find Bill’s body and after checking the last person that he called on his phone they pay a visit to Isabella.

Orwell finds the bloodied garment and Suri finds the murder weapon a couple of hundred metres away from her home. They have her bang to rights.

At the station Winter find out that Isabella has been brought in on suspicion of murder and has to recuse himself from the case due to his personal relationship with her.

Harry recuses himself too, saying that he had met her at the gamblers’ support group where she met him and Bill.

Feeling fairly confident that Isabella is out of his hair for the time being, Harry visits his ex wife and the two rekindle their relationship.

Back at the station, Isabella is being questioned by Suri and Orwell. She tells them both that Eve has framed her.

Watching the interrogation on his monitor, Winter calls the duty officer and gets Isabella released.

Later Harry and his wife Anna are driving somewhere. Harry gets a call from Suri, who tells him that Winter has had Isabella released and they are investigating Eve.

As the phone hangs up, Harry panics when he realises that his breaks are not working. He is careering down the road out of control and has to swerve the car off of the road in order to stop.

Harry checks that Anna is okay and tells her to stay in the car. He shouts out at Isabella telling her that he knows it’s her and she should face him.

Anna begins to get out the car, but Harry sees her and makes her get back in and shuts the door on her.

As the door closes an electric pylon collapses and the live wire hits the car when Harry’s hand is just touching the metal.

Harry is electrocuted and cannot be saved.

Anna tries CPR but to no avail. Eve turns up and tries to lend a hand, but given that Harry is dead she quietly removes the bracelet from his wrist. While all this is happening Isabella is watching from a distance.

Questions we’re left asking

1. With Harry now out of the picture. Who is going to put a stop to Isabella?

2. Will Eve manage to avoid being implicated for having framed Isabella?

3. What exactly will Eve do with the bracelet given that she is so determined to stop her former friend? Will she give it to another killer?

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man airs Fridays on Sky One at 9pm UK Time.

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