Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Episode 4 recap: Harry investigates a murder in the London tech sector

Harry meets up with computer coder Rachel and passes her Dave Wells’ laptop

After last week’s events on Lucky Man, Harry seems to be gradually falling off the wagon with his gambling and Isabella seems to be gaining more influence over him.

When an experimental self driven car goes horribly wrong at a tech launch, Harry and Suri are called in to investigate.

The initial suspect of their investigation is tech entreprenuer Dave Wells. Harry initially suspects him due to a digital file from the experimental car’s black box which sees him arguing with his wife Mary.

Mary Wells died when the car automatically drove head first into the river Thames. Dave had got out the car at that point to take a phone call.

At the headquarters of Dave Wells’ company, Harry and Suri are given the corporate run around by the legal team which leaves them at a dead end.

However Harry does manage to get the name of the software developer who coded the car’s software AI.

This lead takes Harry and Suri to a technology start-up business run by a lady called Rachel who insists that her software for the car is flawless.

She tells Harry that they’d likely need to get hold of Dave Wells’ personal laptop to find out what went wrong.

Back at Police HQ Harry tells his boss that they need to get hold of Dave Wells’ computer, but given that they only have the thinnest of leads his boss tells him that they’d not be able to get a search warrant. This means that Harry will have to use other means.

Eve continues to try and Warn Harry about Isabella

Later Harry takes Isabella with him to Dave Wells’ luxurious apartment and they use their bracelets to create enough of a distraction for them to slip past the security.

Inside the apartment Harry lifts the laptop, but not before finding Dave Wells in bed with his Legal PA. A brief confrontation happens and Harry takes Dave into custody.

At the station, Harry asks Suri to try and access the files on Dave Wells’ computer while he distracts everyone by leading a police interview with Wells.

Suri gets back to Harry and says the computer is too heavily encrypted for her to get into. At this point they have had to let Dave Wells go, but they have managed to keep the laptop.

Later Harry meets Rachel on a train, but not before a cute little cameo from Stan Lee waiting for a train with Harry. On the train, Harry passes the computer to Rachel and gives her an hour to get into it and find out what happened.

An hour passes and Rachel gets back to Harry with the computer and says that the car’s software had been hacked via a mobile device.

While talking with Harry, Rachel opens up about her work as a computer coder and tells him about a software project called Leveller that she has been working on since she was 14. She reveals that she has a fascination with statistical odds and so forth.

Back at the station, Harry still feels that the guilty party is Dave Wells, but Suri is not convinced and while Harry is elsewhere she gets hold of the laptop and downloads its hard drive in order to see if she can have more success breaking the encryption.

As the investigation deepens, we learn that Rachel signed over all of the intellectual rights to her various software code and AI’s to Dave Wells company, which changes the direction of the case implicating her as the potential killer.

At this point Suri has managed to crack the laptop and learns that Rachel had changed some of the log files.

Rachel is now desperate and makes an attempt on Harry’s life by blowing up his apartment via a Bluetooth device. Harry luckily manages to escape before his entire apartment blows up.

With Rachel now the number one suspect, Harry and Suri manage to track her down to a safe deposit box where she has been keeping her program Leveller, which is what it has been all about.

Harry manages to get a confession out of her and learns that the murder was an accident. She never intended to kill either David Wells or his wife. She just wanted to make the car go into the Thames in order to discredit his company.

At the close of the episode Harry questions Isabella about her activities when David Wells died. He is starting to suspect that she is using her bracelet to murder people that he is investigating even when they have been cleared.

It seems that Harry is beginning to listen to Eve’s warnings about Isabella. We also learn that Eve and Isabella were friends before Eve gave her the bracelet.

Lucky Man: Things we’re left asking

  1. Is Isabella using her bracelet to interfere with and influence Harry’s investigations?
  2. Has Harry given up trying to find out about how he can remove the bracelet?
  3. Where was Stan Lee headed?

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man airs every Friday at 9pm UK Time on Sky 1.

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