Stan Lee’s Lucky Man recap: A prizefighter and murder is the order of the day

Prizefighter jay punches his way to a stunning victory with the help of a lucky bracelet

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man picks up a matter of minutes from where last week left off — with Eve, who is having an emotional breakdown while clutching what was Harry’s bracelet.

At least she is until a mugger comes along and tries to rob her. Eve, who is grief stricken, puts the bracelet on the assailant.

Things then move back to the accident site. Anna is with Harry and the paramedics. After taking a shock to the heart from the paramedics Harry comes to and is rushed to the hospital (ending the speculation after the end of the last episode).

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At his home Alister Winter, Harry’s boss, is waiting for Isabella to arrive and has prepared her a meal.

Isabella arrives late and is all over Winter until they are interrupted by a phone call.

Alister rushes out and tells Isabella there has been a terrible accident involving Harry. Isabella, thinking little of it, lets Winter go.

At the hospital Anna, Suri and Orwell are all on hand to make sure Harry is okay. Winter arrives and Harry asks for some private time with him.

Winter listens as Harry lays it all out for him, telling him that Isabella is responsible for the slew of dead criminals that they’ve been investigating.

When confronted with this information, Alister finds it hard to swallow and rushes off back home.

As he gets home Alister is greeted by Isabella who gives her condolences more or less for the loss of Harry.

Alister doesn’t correct her on the assumption, and thus begins to secretly investigate her and Harry’s connection to her.

He also asks Suri and Orwell to investigate the scene of the accident and look at Harry’s damaged car.

Meanwhile, the mugger who wound up with the bracelet is revealed to be a down on his luck prizefighter who hasn’t won a fight and owes money to lots of dodgy people.

The fighter is known as Jay and his brother Nathan tries to get the bracelet off, but to no avail.

Later Jay has a prize fight and wins when his opponent has the misfortune of slipping on some spilt beer, which allows Jay to get the upper hand in a fight where he is pretty much getting his butt handed to him.

Unaware that Harry’s bracelet has already found another wearer, Isabella pays Eve a visit to find out what she has done with Harry’s bracelet.

Eve tells her that she has destroyed it. Isabella, who isn’t convinced, then tells Eve to leave town or she will killer her.

Harry expresses his surprise at Eve having given the bracelet to someone else

After Isabella leaves, Harry turns up at Eve’s asking about the bracelet. Eve tells him that she passed it on to Jay and the two proceed to track him down in order to try and stage an intervention.

They want to try and make sure that Jay doesn’t go down the same path of murder and destruction that Isabella is on.

Excited about his recent victory, Jay is celebrating with his brother Nathan in the gym’s changing room when a fight fixer arrives offering them a big-money fight.

Jay accepts with very little hesitation and the two brothers proceed to get ready.

Back at the station, Suri and Orwell reveal to Winter that Harry’s car has been serviced two months ago, but the fact that the break fluid was emptied has them suspicious.

Winter takes the information on, but dismisses his two detectives so he can carry on his own investigation.

At the prize fight between Jay and his new opponent, Harry and Eve show up and witness Jay seemingly win the fight with relative ease.

As Harry and Eve had feared, the bracelet is beginning to take influence over Jay and his actions.

Harry tries to talk to Jay about the bracelet, but a mishap happens and Harry is drawn into a fight with a few people in the crowd while Jay and his brother Nathan slip out.

Outside the fighting venue, Jay and Nathan see a sports car pull up. Jay proceeds to bully the car’s driver into giving him the keys.

The driver, who is with his girlfriend, tries to reach inside the car for his gun, but Jay is too fast and beats the guy up, shoves the guy’s girlfriend out of the way, and steals the car.

Inside the car Jay finds some drugs and a silver hand gun.

Back at Eve’s digs, she is patching Harry up. The two are trying to figure out what their next move should be.

Back at the station, Winter is asking Anna some questions about the night that Harry was hurt.

She pretty much confirms to him that Isabella is not a good person, but also tells him that she and Harry were being tailed on the night of the accident.

This information is just enough to give Winter some bait in order to lure Isabella out into the open.

Jay, who is still enjoying his newfound success, is in a private room with his brother at a gentleman’s club with a few strippers.

Jay is berating his younger brother, who has been reluctant to go along with Jay’s recent unacceptable behaviour of car theft and such.

Harry arrives and does what he can to convince Jay that the luck thing with regards to the bracelet is very real.

He does this with a deck of cards, by naming a card and making Jay find it. Jay finds the card every time.

While Jay and Harry are playing with the cards, Jay’s brother Nathan is dying of a brain aneurism.

This pretty much confirms Harry’s point to Jay who is grief-stricken and agrees to go with Harry.

At Eve’s place, she and Harry continue to tell Jay about the bracelet and its pitfalls.

Back at the police station Suri is in Winter’s office looking through some files. She realises that Winter has been looking through Harry’s old cases and wants to know what’s happening.

Winter comes into the office and catches her. A brief confrontation happens, but it’s a short lived one. Winter apologises to Suri and says he will explain things in the morning and leaves.

Harry and Eve, who are still with Jay, are continuing to lay things out for him, but they get interrupted by a phone call.

It’s Suri. She tells Harry about Winter and explains her concerns. Harry tells her to tag Winter’s phone so he can follow him.

With Harry gone, Jay begs Eve to take the bracelet off of him. He pleads, but Eve tells him that she can’t do it.

The only way the bracelet can be removed is if you die. Jay pulls the gun out, and tells Eve how he came into possession of it.

Eve pleads with him not to do it, but he then places the gun under his chin and pulls the trigger.

Meanwhile, Winter has arrived at a house that is close by to the scene of Harry’s accident. He has successfully sewn the idea in Isabella’s head that there was a witness to it.

Isabella turns up and the disappointment on Winter’s face is telling. Winter asks Isabella to come in cleanly, and says that if she does they will be lenient on her.

Alister Winter confronts Isabella and tries to get a confession out of her


But Isabella is not about to turn herself in. Winter then threatens to find out everything about her crimes and put her away for a very long time.

He then goes to leave, but Isabella uses her bracelet and makes a cabinet door swing open and hit Winter in the face.

The impact causes Winter to fall down the stairs. He scrambles to his feet and struggles to make his way out the building but the impact to his head is so much that he continues to fall and dies.

Harry turns up and finds Winter’s dead body at the bottom of the stairs. Isabella has long gone. Suri and Orwell turn up shortly after Harry to see their boss’s dead body.

Lucky Man: Questions we’re left asking

  1. How will Harry defeat Isabella?
  2. Who is going to lead the investigation?
  3. How will Isabella eventually find out that Harry is not dead?

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man airs every Friday on Sky One at 9pm UK Time. 

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