Jared Fields comes clean in a new podcast with Cirie Fields

The mother-son duo of Cirie Fields and Jared Fields have a new podcast. In the first episode of Mother Knows Best.. Or Does She?, Cirie and Jared discuss their time in the Big Brother house. Cirie and Jared had plans ahead of playing Big Brother together, and it became clear early on that Jared strayed


Julie Chen Moonves, Cirie Fields get huge reality TV honors

Variety revealed its most powerful women on reality television, and Julie Chen Moonves and Cirie Fields from Big Brother made the list. It has been a big year for reality TV, especially with two Hollywood strikes happening. It led to some interesting choices by the networks and space for many women to shine. Variety released


Cirie Fields ready to compete on another reality competition show

Cirie Fields isn’t done with reality television just yet. Despite already appearing on seven different seasons of reality competition shows, Cirie is ready to go again. Fresh out of the Big Brother house, Cirie and other women from the genre were celebrated on a recent Variety panel. That’s where Cirie had the opportunity to speak


Big Brother answers the question: Was Cirie’s chip in the bag?

Many Big Brother fans have wondered about the veto draw and whether or not Cirie Fields has a chip in the bag. Each week on Big Brother, the houseguests draw from a bag of poker chips to decide who will play in the Veto Competition. Houseguests not nominated or serving as Head of Household can


Who is Cirie Fields on Big Brother 25?

Big Brother 25 has a mystery houseguest. August 2 marked the beginning of the new season, with host Julie Chen Moonves welcoming the new players to the BB25 house. There were 16 new Big Brother players introduced, and they all competed for safety in the backyard. For 90 minutes, they interacted, competed, and got to


The Traitors reunion special to feature Rachel Reilly, Cirie Fields

The Traitors Season 1 isn’t over just yet, as Peacock ordered up a reunion show as well. All 10 episodes of the hit reality competition show arrived this winter, pitting 10 celebrities against 10 regular folks in a battle for a huge cash prize. It has done so well that Peacock already announced that The


Survivor alum Cirie Fields featured in exciting trailer for The Traitors

Survivor alums are going to be featured in the debut season of The Traitors, and the first action-packed trailer was just released. In the trailer shared below, we see Cirie Fields caught up in some drama, possibly due to what she has done in the game. The cast of The Traitors features 10 people from