Jared Fields comes clean in a new podcast with Cirie Fields

Cirie Fields BB25 Eviction
Cirie Fields won the first season of The Traitors US. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The mother-son duo of Cirie Fields and Jared Fields have a new podcast.

In the first episode of Mother Knows Best.. Or Does She?, Cirie and Jared discuss their time in the Big Brother house.

Cirie and Jared had plans ahead of playing Big Brother together, and it became clear early on that Jared strayed from those plans.

Early in the first episode of their podcast — less than a minute — Cirie goes in on the topic of Jared playing the game wrong.

Mistakes were made along the way, contributing to Jared going home before the BB25 jury phase. Cirie ended up in fifth place.

This podcast could also serve as a springboard to what Cirie wants to do next: Go on The Amazing Race with Jared.

Cirie Fields and Jared Fields have a podcast

“There’s a lot of questions, and Jared you owe me a lot of answers,” Cirie states near the beginning of the podcast.

After Cirie and Jared welcomed their viewers/listeners, they jumped into the topic of secrets in the Big Brother house.

“We had a plan going in, right? What happened to the plan, bro?” Cirie asks Jared.

Jared begins talking about how he had thoughts about it a lot and admits he did some things that he shouldn’t have. That included telling his showmance partner (Blue Kim) that Cirie is his mom.

“What on God’s green Earth made you think… we spent hours discussing how to go undetected. We went as far as saying, ‘Let’s not sit next to each other because we look so much alike,'” Cirie explained.

They discussed the topic more and then ventured to chat about other events from Big Brother 25.

Cirie Fields and Jared Fields fans should check out the full podcast episode below. It delves deep into what the duo thought as they played the game.

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