Matt Klotz addresses rumors he has a new girlfriend

Matt Klotz on BB25
Big Brother alum Matt Klotz is back in the real world. Pic credit: CBS

A showmance didn’t work for Matt Klotz and Reilly Smedley on Big Brother 25.

Now, social media rumors have suggested Matt has a new girlfriend. But Matt saw those rumors and addressed them on his Instagram page.

Matt finished second place on Big Brother 25, as Jag Bains won the season.

Jag and Matt have remained friends after the season and have plans together for New Year’s Eve.

It looked like Matt and Reilly also tried to pursue a relationship, but it didn’t work out.

Reilly even popped up with Jag Bains as the Reindeer Games cast was partying last week.

Rumors surface that Matt is dating someone

Several social media posts stated that Matt has a new girlfriend. The rumors stemmed from Matt showing up in pictures with a new blonde lady from LSU.

But Matt is here to throw cold water on those rumors.

“Ahh yes the rumors are true… I’m dating my Bestfriend’s sister,” Matt wrote on his Instagram Stories.

“smh y’all,” Matt added with an image of his friend group.

Matt also shared images of the rumors he had seen on social media.

“Well this explains a lot, Matty Ice has a new girlfriend and it’s not Reilly. #25,” reads one post.

“Matts new girlfriend. This who he left Reilly in the dust for. #BB25 #BBReindeerGames,” reads the other post.

This response indicates that Matt is still single and just enjoying life.

Matt Klotz Girlfriend
Rumors addressed by Matt Klotz. Pic credit: @Matt__kz/Instagram

More news from Big Brother

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Nicole also shared a picture of her injuries following the filming. She likely suffered many of them during the final challenge.

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For more of Matt Klotz, check out the unboxing video below.

Big Brother returns with a new season in the summer of 2024. Julie Chen Moonves will return to host, and applications are open for BB26 cast members.

Big Brother 25 is streaming on Paramount+.

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