Nicole Franzel shares photo of injuries from Big Brother: Reindeer Games

Nicole On BB16
Three-time player Nicole Franzel returned for the Big Brother spin-off. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother: Reindeer Games tapped Nicole Franzel to play this winter. The Big Brother spin-off debuts on December 11 but was filmed ahead of the air dates.

Here is the full episode schedule for Reindeer Games on CBS for viewers looking to tune in. It’s much shorter than a regular season of Big Brother, but it should be entertaining.

Nine former houseguests were invited to play in the first season of Reindeer Games – and here is the Reindeer Games cast list for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

An interesting wrinkle comes with Reindeer Games in that the players are home and can react live on social media as the episodes debut.

Episodes debut on CBS but are available for streaming on Paramount+ after airing live. This allows viewers to catch up if an episode gets missed.

Despite being retired from reality television, Nicole Franzel jumped at the chance to compete again this winter. And she has the bruises to prove it.

Nicole Franzel got banged up playing Reindeer Games

“Working at the North Pole was NO FREAKIN’ JOKE!!!!!” Nicole captioned a new Instagram post.

“My first morning home in 2 weeks—watch The Reindeer Games TONIGHT on CBS!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” she added to her post.

Nicole also shared an image of her battered and bruised legs. It appears that she had a rough time competing in the Reindeer Games and that she threw her whole body into the challenges.

Does she end up winning the $100,000 cash prize? We will all have to tune in to find out.

Big Brother alums react to Nicole’s legs (and feet)

Former houseguests — including players from Reindeer Games — commented on Nicole’s post. It even included a shocked emoji from the Big Brother social media account.

“Babe you missed the memo- feet are sold separately,” Britney Haynes joked about Nicole showing her feet online.

“I’d post the pics of my bruises but I’d have to start an only fans for that,” wrote Big Brother 24 winner Taylor Hale.

Britney and Taylor are also part of the Big Brother: Reindeer Games cast.

“Feet for FREE!? She’s in the giving spirit,” posted Reindeer Games co-host Derek Xiao.

Comments On Nicole Franzel's Post
Big Brother alums respond to Nicole’s online share. Pic credit: @coconuts_/Instagram

More Big Brother news and notes

Here is a breakdown of how Reindeer Games works for fans who aren’t sure about tuning in yet.

As a reminder, the Reindeer Games schedule debuts on Monday, December 11. It’s a two-hour premiere.

Cirie Fields wants to appear on another reality TV show, even though it seemed like Big Brother 25 might be her last.

Big Brother: Reindeer Games debuts December 11 on CBS.

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