How does Big Brother: Reindeer Games work? Explaining the Big Brother spin-off

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The Big Brother 22 winner is now married. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother: Reindeer Games brings fans a treat during December 2023. Typically, the month would be devoid of Big Brother content, but not this year.

Nine former houseguests were invited back to compete in a Big Brother spin-off. And there is a $100,000 prize on the line.

The producers also brought back three former houseguests to serve as co-hosts. Julie Chen Moonves is off this winter, allowing some new faces to lead the Big Brother challenges.

The first Big Brother: Reindeer Games episode is on Monday, December 11. It begins at 9/8c and is two hours in length. After it has aired, the episode will be available for streaming on Paramount+.

A holiday theme has also been thrust upon the Big Brother house. Here is a tour video of the new-look house – all adorned with holiday decorations.

The contestants are also dressed up for the holidays, as seen in this Big Brother: Reindeer Games teaser trailer. The commercial also features early footage from the challenges.

What is Big Brother: Reindeer Games?

In each episode, the Reindeer Games contestants will play a series of games. And someone gets eliminated by the end of the night.

There are no live feeds, eviction votes, or people living inside the Big Brother house. Instead, it’s a straightforward competition show.

Viewers should probably view this as a game show rather than a season of Big Brother. Even though all the players have lived in the Big Brother house, the spin-off won’t resemble a Big Brother season.

The Reindeer Games season lasts six episodes, culminating in someone winning the grand prize. By finale night, only four people will be left in the competition.

Here is the full BBRG episode schedule, with the two-hour premiere on December 11. The season will go by quickly, so viewers aren’t required to invest too much time.

Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd, BB23 houseguest and Amazing Race winner Derek Xiao, and BB23 AFH Tiffany Mitchell serve as the co-hosts. They will help lead the players through the various challenges.

More news from Big Brother

Casting for Big Brother 26 has begun. That new season will air in the summer of 2024, and Julie Chen Moonves will return as host.

Cirie Fields plans to compete on another reality show – even though she was struggling near the end of Big Brother 25.

And Nicole Franzel ended her retirement from reality TV to play on Reindeer Games. The Big Brother 18 winner wants to show she’s still got it.

Previous episodes of Big Brother are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother: Reindeer Games debuts December 11 on CBS.

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N. Kershaw
N. Kershaw
2 months ago

I watched it BUT not crazy about it. I will give it another try.