Tour of the Big Brother: Reindeer Games house revealed

Britney Haynes BB12
Britney Haynes may return to the Big Brother house again. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother: Reindeer Games is coming this winter, with former houseguests competing for a nice cash prize.

A rumored Reindeer Games cast list was posted online, and now fans can get a look inside the house. The producers went all-out getting everything ready for Reindeer Games.

This isn’t your typical season of Big Brother. The spin-off does not have live feeds or people living inside the house. But long-time viewers should recognize all the contestants.

If the show succeeds during Winter 2023, maybe CBS will bring it back for additional seasons. There are certainly enough former players to make that work.

This bridges the gap between the recently completed Big Brother 25 season and the Big Brother 26 season happening during the summer of 2024.

With $100,000 on the line, a clear incentive is there for Big Brother alums to toss their hats in the ring.

Big Brother: Reindeer Games house tour

“WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HO HO HO ROOM?!” Kathryn Dunn wrote on Twitter.

Kat Dunn was a Big Brother 21 cast member and has since become an interviewer of people who play on new seasons.

Kat shared an exciting video of the new-look Big Brother house. It’s all decked out for the holidays, with themed rooms to excite viewers.

The house itself is reportedly called Santa’s Lodge, which makes sense. Three former houseguests have been brought along as Santa’s elves and are easily recognized.

Santa’s helpers are Derek Xiao (BB23), Tiffany Mitchell (BB23), and Jordan Lloyd (BB11 winner). The trio will be heavily involved in the season, with Julie Chen Moonves taking off this winter.

Kat Dunn also revealed that the players will visit new worlds for the season. Those worlds are called The Candy Cane Forest, Santa’s Village, and Santa’s Workshop.

During each episode, players will play several games, with someone getting sent home before the hour ends. It won’t be much like a season of Big Brother, but everyone is a former houseguest.

Watch the video below for a feel for Big Brother: Reindeer Games. Sorry, it does not yet reveal the official cast list.

More Big Brother rumors

The rumored cast list for Reindeer Games includes many former winners. A few names should be exciting for fans of recent seasons. As a reminder, though, this is just the rumored list.

Also, here is the full episode schedule for Reindeer Games, beginning with the season premiere on December 11.

The first episode of the season will be two hours long.

Previous seasons of Big Brother are available for streaming on Paramount+.

And former player Cirie Fields wants to be on a new show with her son. So television viewers might see Cirie again soon.

Big Brother: Reindeer Games premieres December 11 on CBS.

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