What is Big Brother: Reindeer Games?

Britney Haynes BB25
Big Brother legend Britney Haynes is now on The Traitors 3. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Three former houseguests returned to tease fans about a new Big Brother spin-off.

Britney Haynes, Frankie Grande, and Danielle Reyes appeared at the end of the Big Brother 25 finale.

The trio was wrapping up their involvement in the season, but they were used to usher in the announcement of a new show.

Called Big Brother: Reindeer Games, the spin-off will provide CBS viewers with something new to watch this winter.

The Hollywood strikes have left the network with limited programming options. Enter a new Big Brother show, with a cash prize on the line for the winner.

But this show is very dissimilar to Big Brother. It just has Big Brother alums playing.

What is Big Brother: Reindeer Games?

This new show has been called a six-episode, two-week special event.

Santa will invite nine iconic Big Brother alums (including someone from the BB25 cast) to his magical world where the Reindeer Games happen.

The player names haven’t been revealed, but it’s safe to assume they will be easily recognizable.

Cameron Hardin, who just won America’s Favorite Houseguest on BB25, might be one of them.

Three additional Big Brother alums have been invited back to serve as Santa’s elves.

Derek Xiao (BB23), Tiffany Mitchell (BB23), and Jordan Lloyd (BB11 winner) fill those roles.

Each episode features three competitions culminating in “Santa’s Showdown,” which determines which player goes home at the end of that episode.

In the sixth episode, only four players will remain. They will battle for a $100,000 cash prize.

The two-hour season premiere for Big Brother: Reindeer Games airs on December 11 at 8/7c.

Here is the full Reindeer Games episode schedule.

Who do you think would be a fun player to watch competing on the show?

More Big Brother news

A fake cast list for Reindeer Games popped up online. None of the names have been confirmed by production.

Big Brother 26 is already accepting applications. The new season is expected to debut in Summer 2024, with Julie Chen Moonves returning as the host.

There had been rumors about a winter season of Big Brother, but the end of the Hollywood strikes could lead CBS to table that idea.

Before the Big Brother 25 season finale, the pre-jury evictees were hanging out together in California.

And the BB25 jury members got messages from their loved ones, even though the segment wasn’t sown during an episode. Cory Wurtenberger’s mom shared her opinion of his mustache.

To re-watch any Big Brother 25 episodes, everything is available for streaming on Paramount+.

As a reminder, the season premiere of Big Brother: Reindeer Games is on December 11.

Big Brother is streaming on Paramount+.

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