Who won America’s Favorite Houseguest on Big Brother 25?

Julie Chen smiling at the camera.
Julie Chen Moonves is back for Big Brother 26 in Summer 2024. Pic credit: Aimee Santos and Gaye Ann Bruno/CBS

The Big Brother 25 season has come to an end.

The long ride led to a winner being named, but it was also time to announce America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Fans had roughly a week to vote for their favorite players.

Sometimes, votes are based on how much a houseguest won during the season; other times, it is based on who played the best game.

Luke Valentine was the only BB25 cast member ineligible for the $50,000 prize. He got expelled for using the N-word.

Many AFH votes went to jury members and people who went home before the jury phase.

Who is America’s Favorite Houseguest from Big Brother 25?

Rumors of early voting results stated that Cameron Hardin and Cirie Fields were the fan favorites.

Cameron was finding his support on Facebook, while many Twitter users were pushing for Cirie. Social media pushed hard for those two.

Much support also went to America Lopez.

At the end of the season finale episode, Julie revealed the results of the AFH vote.

But before they got to that, the BB25 jury revealed their winner. Jag Bains won Big Brother 25. With it came the $750,000 prize.

Julie revealed that the top three vote-getters were Cirie Fields, Matt Klotz, and Cameron Hardin.

Cameron Hardin joins recent winners Taylor Hale (BB24), Tiffany Mitchell (BB23), Da’Vonne Rogers (BB22), and Nicole Anthony (BB21).

He was stunned by the news and started tearing up as the reality hit him. Cameron said he was “speechless” about the news.

More news from Big Brother

Luke Valentine called Cory a “snitch” during a recent Instagram Live session. Luke blamed Cory for his expulsion from the house and addressed Jared Fields not getting removed.

The BB25 jury got video messages from home before they returned for the season finale.

Here is the video of the BB25 messages from home – each clip creating good memories for the houseguests. Cory’s mom also shared her opinion of his new mustache.

A reality TV podcast stated that Felicia Cannon lost her brother while playing BB25.

Applications are open for Big Brother 26. The producers have already asked fans to apply. Dr. Will Kirby also suggested that fans prove they can play the game rather than only complain about it on social media.

Rumors about a winter season of Big Brother also surfaced. Julie even commented on them.

Big Brother 25 is streaming on Paramount+.

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