Big Brother Legends: A new winter season teased

Julie Hosting Big Brother
Julie Chen Moonves might soon be hosting a winter season of Big Brother. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Julie Chen Moonves is again talking about a possible winter season of Big Brother.

With Hollywood still on strike, CBS needs programming for the winter months.

This opens the door for a new season of Big Brother with a twist.

In the past, CBS has rolled out seasons of Celebrity Big Brother to compete with the Winter Olympics.

And maybe a new season of CBB could be in the cards.

But Julie and Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly have a better idea.

Is it time for Big Brother Legends?

Rachel has long wanted a season of Big Brother that brought back former winners. She couldn’t compete in Big Brother: All-Stars 2 (BB22) because she was pregnant. But Rachel seems on board for another shot.

Doing a short winter season could allow former winners a chance to compete without being away from their families and jobs for too long.

“I don’t think a celebrity run will happen. But maybe we will have a month’s worth that is special in its own way. Maybe you bring back Legends, for those are the real Big Brother celebrities,” said Julie Chen Moonves

“They could play a fast, one-month version,” Julie told EW in a new report.

“Or maybe we get three months worth starting in January or February. Even if the strike ended right now, nothing’s going to go into production until January, so maybe you do need a month’s worth of Big Brother just to fill,” Julie elaborated.

“I think the Big Brother fan base would love to see Rachel, Janelle [Pierzina], Danielle Reyes, and Vanessa [Rousso] play together,” Rachel previously told EW.

Rachel still seems on board with playing again, and she even shared the new EW article on her social media account.

Big Brother Legends could be fun

With Big Brother 25 ending on November 9, the slate is wide open for CBS to add a new season of its hit reality competition show.

Fans might be looking for a new season to have a theme or twist after the rough finish the BB25 cast has presented. Bringing back legends or former winners for a sped-up season could be just what the doctor ordered.

Michael Bruner from BB24 just got married, but it could be fun to see him play against other legends from the past.

It would also be fun to see players from the new generation (BB23, BB24, and BB25) playing against fan favorites from the earlier years. How do they stack up?

And Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren has long wanted a second chance.

More Big Brother news and notes

The final week of Big Brother 25 could be intriguing.

Many Big Brother alums reacted to Bowie Jane winning HOH again, and they weren’t flattering in their social media posts.

Can she pull off a shocking BB25 victory?

Only a few nights remain for the cast. And here is the updated BB25 episode schedule, including the upcoming stroll down Memory Lane by the final three.

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