Podcast reports Felicia Cannon’s brother died during Big Brother 25

Felicia Cannon from BB25
Felicia Cannon finished fourth place on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Felicia Cannon may have been going through more than most fans realized during Big Brother 25.

On Day 96, Felicia got evicted from the Big Brother house, sending her to the jury as the fourth-place finisher.

In exit interviews following her eviction, Felicia stated, “After I heard about my brother,” while answering questions about her gameplay.

Now, a podcast has stated that Felicia’s brother died during the filming of the show.

The Big Brother producers did not mention this piece of news.

And Felicia didn’t talk about it on the live feeds.

A podcast makes a post about Felicia’s brother

The podcast Aye, Who All Gon’ Be There?! made a social media post addressing questions about Felicia’s brother. The questions came due to her brief reference in those exit interviews.

“On a serious note, we’ve seen some people asking about Felicia’s brother. Unfortunately, he passed while she was in the house,” began the note to their followers.

“She [Felicia] was able to speak with her family and it was their wish for her to keep playing,” the post added.

Putting the pieces together, it appears she would have received the news in Week 9 while she was on the block due to Cameron Hardin.

Cameron nominated Felicia and Mecole Hayes that week, and the houseguests unanimously voted out Mecole.

“The fact that she played the entire second phase of the game while privately grieving, is a true testament to her character, as well as what it means to be a black woman: remaining strong and graceful amidst tragedy, pain, and adversity,” the social media post continued.

“Let’s make sure she feels the love and receives her flowers too. If nothing else, her faith the size of a mustard seed warrants it. #BB25,” they added.

More Big Brother news

Big Brother 25 fans will see Felicia Cannon again on finale night. That’s when the BB25 jury members will vote for a winner. Felicia will be on stage with the other houseguests and field some questions.

A new winter season of Big Brother has been teased by host Julie Chen Moonves, and it could include legends of the past.

With Big Brother 25 wrapping up, here is a look at big moments fans may have missed (or forgotten) along the way.

Julie also teased some big Big Brother news on finale night. The final episode for the season airs on Thursday, November 9.

Big Brother 25 is streaming on Paramount+.

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Kay Auten
Kay Auten
8 months ago

Please no repeats on the show. We don’t want to see previous players just new blood, it’s much more interesting if it’s new people.

8 months ago

I agree! love Big Brother. I’m in my 70’s and I don’t want to spend what time I have left on earth watching Big Brother Yes, give someone else a chance. Love you Julie!