Julie Chen Moonves teases huge Big Brother news

Julie Chen Big Brother 23
Big Brother fans may get to see more of Julie Chen Moonves this winter. Pic credit: CBS

A new episode of Big Brother 25 featured more than just an Eviction Ceremony.

Sunday night featured a bonus eviction as the cast got down to its final three players.

Felicia Cannon became a BB25 jury member, where she will help determine this year’s winner.

But before the producers called it a night, host Julie Chen Moonves provided a huge tease.

Earlier in the week, Julie teased fans about a season of Big Brother Legends. It is an idea that came from Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly.

And with the ongoing strike in Hollywood, CBS could use some additional programming for the winter months.

Julie signed off with a message for Big Brother fans

At the end of each episode, Julie talks about what’s to come. After an eviction, that typically involves new episode times or what is coming up soon for the houseguests.

On Sunday night, she tossed in an extra nugget of information that will have Big Brother fans clamoring for information.

“Big Brother 25 might be coming to an end, but the BB Universe has a big Holiday surprise in store,” Julie teased the audience at the end of Episode 40.

“Find out what that means, Thursday, on finale night,” Julie added before signing off.

That tease came right after Julie met Felicia Cannon for her exit interview. Below is a clip from that chat where Felicia talks about what might happen with the jury.

What did Julie’s cryptic message mean?

Julie saying a “big holiday surprise” is coming has many fans assuming it means a winter season of Big Brother.

Her use of the term “holiday” is a bit interesting. Usually, when CBS airs a winter season, it is done in January or February.

But when it comes to the holidays, most people consider that to be November and December in the United States.

Could the producers be working on a shorter season to play out before 2023 ends? Possibly bringing back former winners or legends of the game to battle it out in an abridged format?

Or is it something silly that will involve Big Brother alums, like an episode of The Price is Right?

An additional question is whether or not it is too soon to have another season after the rough final few weeks of Big Brother 25.

Many fans are excited about possibly getting a bonus season, and the producers are already advertising for people to apply to be on Big Brother 26.

Everyone has to tune in on Thursday night (November 9) to find out more details – unless something leaks before then.

More Big Brother news

The final three houseguests began playing in the last Head of Household Competition. This will decide who holds the power on finale night – in addition to the BB25 jury.

A source online revealed early voting results in the race for AFH. Fans get to decide who wins America’s Favorite Houseguest, and here is information on how anyone can vote.   

The final week of BB25 has set in, and here is the TV schedule for the last few episodes

Big Brother 25 is streaming on Paramount+.

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