Big Brother 25 spoilers: Bonus eviction takes cast to three people

Matt during BB25
Matt Klotz is a member of the Big Brother 2023 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 25 spoilers now reveal the final three houseguests.

Just a few days after Cirie Fields got evicted, it was time to send someone else to the jury house.

Before they got to that, Cirie was shown joining the first four BB25 jury members.

Cirie called Matt Klotz and Bowie Jane “an airhead and an idiot” when she discussed her eviction with them.

It followed Cirie going hard at Jag in an exit interview where she expressed her frustration with his goodbye message.

Cirie, Blue Kim, and America Lopez are poisoning the jury over Jag’s gameplay, so he may have a tough time winning if he makes it to the end.

Bowie Jane’s Head of Household week

Bowie Jane won her third Head of Household Competition to take charge for the weekend.

At her Nomination Ceremony, Bowie Jane put Matt Klotz and Felicia Cannon on the block.

A segment was shown during the Sunday night episode where the duo of Bowie Jane and Jag set up Matt to accept being nominated.

Jag Bains then won the Veto Competition, putting the Power of veto back in his hands.

Winning the Power of Veto meant Jag was automatically part of the final three.

It was then up to Jag to decide whether it would be Matt or Felicia staying in the house until Day 100.

Who made it to the final three on Big Brother 25?

Julie Chen Moonves hosted the (live) final Veto Meeting of the season on November 5.

As the veto winner, Jag got to pick who was going with Bowie Jane and himself to the final three. The other person would go to the jury.

Jag saved Matt. That makes Felicia the sixth BB25 jury member.

Big Brother 25’s final three are Bowie Jane, Matt Klotz, and Jag Bains.

They will begin a three-part final HOH Competition to decide one of the two spots at the end. The final HOH also decides who sits next to them as they face the jury on the season finale.

Big Brother rumors and gossip

Big Brother fans can continue voting to decide America’s Favorite Houseguest for this season. Here is information on how to vote.

The AFH winner earns a nice $50,000 prize on the finale night.

There has been a social media push for Cirie Fields to win AFH.

Online rumors have also revealed early voting results in the battle for AFH. It could lead to an interesting top-three players.

Here is the TV schedule for the final BB25 episodes. All that’s left is the Memory Lane night and an extended season finale for the players.

Big Brother 25 is streaming on Paramount+.

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Kathy Zanewicz
Kathy Zanewicz
7 months ago

There is a push for Cameron to win AFP too

7 months ago

Bitter much Cirie?

7 months ago
Reply to  Cat

She did absolutely nothing. She depended on Matt protecting her till the end. That senior citizen comment shows how bitter she is, again.
Just like Survivor.