Big Brother 25 spoilers: Winner revealed for final Head of Household Part 1

Julie Chen on BB25
Julie Chen Moonves gets to take the winter off, but she returns for Big Brother 26. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The final three houseguests on Big Brother 25 had a busy night.

It started with a live eviction episode that featured an Eviction Ceremony.

Jag Bains voted out Felicia Cannon, sending her to the BB25 jury house.

He had considered voting out Matt Klotz but remained loyal to that partnership.

As Felicia had her exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, the final three houseguests popped champagne.

They were told not to have too much, though, because another challenge awaited them.

Who won Part 1 of the final HOH Competition?

At about 11 p.m. local time (according to Matt), the final three houseguests went outside to compete in a challenge.

This challenge was Part 1 of the final HOH Competition. To become the final HOH, someone must win two of the three challenges.

When the final HOH has been determined, that person gets to pick who sits with them in the two chairs for finale night.

A tough decision is ahead for one of the houseguests.

Early Monday morning (November 6), the live feeds finally turned back on to reveal the houseguests showering after finishing their challenge. This happened slightly before 4 a.m. house time.

It was revealed that Matt Klotz won Part 1. They played in an Endurance Challenge that took several hours to complete.

What happens next on Big Brother 25?

Since Matt won Part 1, he will sit out Part 2 of the final HOH Competition. Jag Bains and Bowie Jane will play that next challenge, possibly on Tuesday (November 7).

Matt has advanced straight to Part 3 of the final HOH Competition, which happens live on the season finale. The winner of Part 2 gets the second slot.

The BB25 jury gets to have the final say on this season, and early footage from the jury house indicates there are some bitter players.

Even if Jag leads the final three in challenge victories, it appears that his jury management has lacked something. Cirie Fields expressed her frustrations with Jag during an exit interview where she was shocked by how terrible his goodbye message to her was.

Additional Big Brother news and notes

Julie teased a Big Brother Legends season, potentially giving viewers some bonus content.

Online rumors revealed early voting results in the battle for AFH. America’s Favorite Houseguest gets a $50,000 prize, and here is information on how fans can vote.  

Here is the TV schedule for the final BB25 episodes. It’s almost time to reveal the Big Brother 2023 winner.

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Welsh William
Welsh William
7 months ago

What happens if all of them win one ?

7 months ago
Reply to  Welsh William

It’s a best of 3. The winners of the first two comps face off in a comp to decide who the Final HOH is

7 months ago
Reply to  Welsh William

It doesn’t happen that way. The second round is between Jag and Bowie Jane to see who competes against Matt in the final round. Then, the winner of the final round (Matt and whoever wins the second one), gets to choose who to take with them to final 2.

7 months ago

Jag is always trying to play head games against Matt (for jury). All of the good-bye messages were basically trying to get them to think that Matt is the worst choice (i.e. Cirie, etc) – and then this convo with Bowie Jane is too get her thinking that she can’t beat Matt in a physical contest.

7 months ago

“to”, not “too”