Luke blames Cory for getting expelled from Big Brother

Luke BB25
Former player Luke Valentine started out as part of the Big Brother Summer 2023 cast. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Luke Valentine has more to share about his expulsion from Big Brother 25.

Many players sent home early have been talking about the show as the current season winds down.

That includes Luke, who got expelled from the show for violating the Code of Conduct.

Luke was sent home on Day 8, ending his journey very early in the summer.

The producers said that his use of the N-word violated the Code of Conduct, and the season went on without him.

Luke has popped up on social media several times to address the situation and joke about what happened, but he returned to share new thoughts.

Luke Valentine goes in on Cory and Jared

As a reminder, Luke used the N-word on the Big Brother live feeds while chatting in the Have-Not Room with Cory Wurtenberger, Jared Fields, and Hisam Goueli.

Below is a clip from the live feeds that shows the chat as it happened.

After Luke was expelled, Cory and Jared discussed the situation with other houseguests, and Hisam pretended he never heard the word.

In an Instagram Live session, Luke said Cory was a “snitch” and reported him to the show. He also said that Jared apologized to Cory for calling America Lopez the R-word because of that fact.

Luke also said that Jared’s use of the R-word wasn’t caught on the live feeds. He told a fan who asked about it that this was why Jared wasn’t kicked off for violating the Code of Conduct.

Below are two clips from that live session, where he jokes more about using the N-word on Big Brother 25.

More Big Brother news

The situation with Luke likely won’t get mentioned during the Big Brother 25 season finale.

As for the other evicted houseguests, the BB25 jury got video messages from home. It was an emotional day for those former players.

And host Julie Chen Moonves teased a Big Brother Legends season this winter, suggesting there could be new content to watch soon.

Janelle Pierzina says she can’t play on Big Brother Legends, ruling out a fan favorite before casting news has been revealed.

The producers are asking people to apply to be on Big Brother 25.

Dr. Will Kirby challenged fans to apply for the show in a new interview. He stated that t playing the game isn’t as easy as it looks and that people should prove they can handle it by applying.

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