Dr. Will Kirby films a volatile jury segment with Big Brother 25 cast

Will Kirby BB2
Big Brother 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby loves reality TV. Pic credit: Tony Esparza/CBS

The Big Brother 25 jury roundtable might be must-see television.

Dr. Will Kirby sat down with the BB25 jury and filmed a segment for the season finale.

The Big Brother 2 winner and All-Star player from Season 7 knows his stuff and is considered a legend.

It would be interesting to see him play in the rumored Big Brother Legends season, but his job might preclude that from happening.

Ahead of the jury segment airing on the November 9 episode of Big Brother 25, Sharon Tharp interviewed Will.

And the extended interview teased what fans will see from the jury.

Will also spoke about other topics, including whether competition wins are necessary, if Jag Bains getting evicted and saved should be held against him, and who should play in a Big Brother Legends season.

Dr. Will Kirby talks about the BB25 jury roundtable

“Truth here. This was the single best jury I’ve ever been part of,” Will told Sharon during the interview.

That’s high praise, especially since Will has been around the show for many years.

Will also addressed why he made that statement.

“Because they are not afraid to disagree, they’re not afraid to be outspoken, and when I challenged them, they responded right back,” Will teased.

An opinion he expressed was how much he dislikes unanimous eviction votes and how, even though the BB25 cast had many of them, Will thinks they have changed their opinions.

Will Kirby warns fans that Big Brother is difficult

In this video snippet, Will says Big Brother is “really a lot more difficult than people think.”

“If you don’t believe me… if you’re listening or watching this right now and you don’t believe that it is very difficult to be in the Big Brother house, apply for Big Brother,” Will added.

Full Sharon Tharp interview with Dr. Will Kirby

Below is the full interview between Will and Sharon. This is the final interview from Sharon in her series of videos with former winners.

Will provides a highly entertaining look at the show, including some self-deprecating humor and a unique perspective on how to view current casts.

The interview is long but worth the watch to anyone who enjoyed watching Will play the game. It also bridges the old-school Big Brother world with people playing the game today.

While teasing what fans will see at the BB25 jury roundtable, Will also stated that people are still bitter, and it might impact their votes. It sounds like moments were so heated that a break was necessary.

Hopefully, a full-length video of the jury roundtable will be released, but fans will see an edited version on finale night.

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The season finale for the BB25 cast airs on November 9 at 8/7c. Here is a full episode preview.

Big Brother 25 is streaming on Paramount+.

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