Janelle Pierzina reveals she couldn’t play on Big Brother Legends

Janelle On BB14 Cast
Janelle Pierzina competed on four seasons of Big Brother. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina won’t be able to play on Big Brother Legends this winter.

At least that’s what America’s Favorite Houseguest from Big Brother 7 revealed.

Host Julie Chen Moonves again teased a winter season of Big Brother could be in the works.

This could give CBS viewers additional programming due to the Hollywood strikes.

With the Writers Guild of America and then the Screen Actors Guild going on strike, it has limited the programming available on networks.

Most channels turned to reality television to fill the gaps. That included a 100-day season of Big Brother.

The lack of new episodes of dramas and comedies for this winter could lead to even more reality content.

Janelle Pierzina can’t play in the winter season of Big Brother

If Big Brother has a new season this winter, Janelle has to decline any potential invitations. And that’s a shame because many fans want to see her playing in the same season as Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly.

Janelle’s reason for declining is simple: She is under contract for another show that will air on TV this winter.

Janelle recently shot The Traitors Season 2 for Peacock. It is another reality competition show that has featured Big Brother players in the past.

This time, Janelle (BB6, BB7, BB14, and BB22) and Dan Gheesling (BB10 and BB14) are taking on celebrities from various industries.

Janelle used her social media to note that she wouldn’t watch Big Brother Legends if the season didn’t include Rachel, Taylor Hale, and Dan.

“You wouldn’t play?” a fan asked Janelle after her post.

“I’m under contract with peacock,” Janelle responded.

Another fan was curious why Cirie Fields could play on Big Brother soon after appearing in the first season of The Traitors.

“My season airs January. It’s 6 months after the first airing date,” Janelle explained.

She means that the next reality competition show she appears on will have to come six months after The Traitors Season 2 premieres.

Janelle BB Legends Tweet
Janelle chats with fans about Big Brother Legends. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

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Doing a Big Brother Legends season without Janelle Pierzina might seem odd. But it might be necessary.

Previous rumors have also suggested that the producers could construct a cast of only people who won a season.

One person who would be interesting for the cast is recently married BB24 alum Michael Bruner. He was a competition beast during his season.

Janelle’s seasons of Big Brother are available for streaming on Paramount+. And her appearance on The Traitors Season 2 will hit Peacock this January.

Big Brother 25 is streaming on Paramount+.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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