Big Brother 25 houseguests evicted pre-jury reunite to party ahead of finale

Reilly on BB25 Eviction Night
Reilly Smedley was a member of the Big Brother 25 cast. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 25 cast members who got evicted early in the season have returned to Hollywood.

As part of the season finale, the seven people sent home early (instead of to the jury house) will return to the Big Brother stage.

Host Julie Chen Moonves will have questions for the returning houseguests, and they will take part in the finale night festivities.

Luke Valentine is not part of this group after he got expelled. But Luke now calls Cory a “snitch” for helping get him expelled from the game.

Kirsten Elwin, Reilly Smedley, Hisam Goueli, Red Utley, Izzy Gleicher, Jared Fields, and Mecole Hayes get more time in the spotlight.

And Julie may have some interesting questions to ask them — especially about the twist this season.

The pre-jury houseguests get to party in California

Reilly, Jared, Red, Izzy, Hisam, Mecole, and Kirsten have been featured in social media posts from the past 24 hours.

In the post below, five former players are featured in an image around a table.

Reilly and Hisam are shown signing in the backseat of an Uber in this next post.

Reilly also shared several photos on her Instagram Stories. They are a bit blurry, but they show the fun the pre-jury houseguests have been having in California.

Reilly BB25 Instagram
Reilly shared pre-jury fun on social media. Pic credit: @ReillySmedley/Instagram

For any Big Brother fans who haven’t heard yet, Izzy and Jared have spent time together after they got evicted.

The duo was cheering on Cirie Fields, but Cirie got sent to the jury house.

More from Big Brother

In addition to the pre-jury houseguests returning to the Big Brother stage, Julie will welcome back the BB25 jury on finale night.

The Big Brother jury members got video messages from home, leading to emotional moments. Here is a video of those moments, which included Cory’s mom commenting on his mustache and Cameron seeing his daughter.

It has been reported that an intense roundtable happened with the BB25 jury. Dr. Will Kirby hosted the segment, and some of it will appear during the season finale.

Dr. Will said some people are bitter and that, at times, it got so heated that breaks were needed.

In addition to the BB25 jury crowing a winner, Julie Chen Moonves says the final episode includes a big holiday announcement that will come from the Big Brother Universe.

As a reminder, the Big Brother finale begins at 8/7c on Thursday, November 9.

Big Brother 25 is streaming on Paramount+.

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