Christie Murphy from Big Brother 21 shares maternity photos for twins

Christie Murphy BB21
Christie Murphy welcomed twins. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother alum Christie Murphy shared a fun series of maternity photos on her Instagram page.

Christie is pregnant with twins, a revelation that served as a huge surprise to her friends and family earlier this fall.

“Marrying one another was the easiest decision we ever made; choosing to start a family was even EASIER,” Christie wrote in an Instagram post from late August when she announced her pregnancy.

Big Brother fans met Christie during the Summer 2019 season. When she entered the Big Brother house, Christie learned she was playing with someone she knew in the real world.

Tommy Bracco had also been added to the BB21 cast, and he knew Christie because she was dating his aunt. The duo became a strong one to contend with that season.

Christie and Tommy came up short on BB21, with Jackson Michie winning and Holly Allen finishing as the runner-up. Nicole Anthony was named AFH that summer.

Christie Murphy shares her maternity photos

“Maybe it’s the hormones, but I’m so Emo when I look at these,” Christie wrote as the caption on her new post.

The post also features five beautifully shot maternity photos of Christie and her wife, Jamie Martin.

Many Big Brother alums celebrated the photos after Christie posted them.

“You’re so beautiful Christie so excited for the world to meet your babies,” wrote Hannah Chaddha from BB23.

“I’ve never seen more chic mamas to be in my life,” posted Holly Allen.

“Glowing” was the simple post from Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd.

BB Alums For Christie
BB alums celebrate with Christie. Pic credit: @Christie.Murph/Instagram

Christie reveals she is having twins

The video below was shared in September. In it, Christie and her wife revealed that twins are on the way.

Their friends and family celebrated and jumped for joy at the news.

As for their original announcement, that fun post is shared below. It shows Christie and Jamie enjoying time in the grass while sharing their sonograms.

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Big Brother 26 airs in Summer 2024 on CBS.

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