Survivor alum Cirie Fields featured in exciting trailer for The Traitors

Cirie Fields Survivor Red Carpet
Cirie Fields is well known by Survivor fans, and now she is on The Traitors. Pic credit: ©

Survivor alums are going to be featured in the debut season of The Traitors, and the first action-packed trailer was just released.

In the trailer shared below, we see Cirie Fields caught up in some drama, possibly due to what she has done in the game.

The cast of The Traitors features 10 people from reality television and an additional 10 people from the regular world.

Joining Cirie is Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick, who has also played Survivor numerous times.

Through their appearances on the hit CBS show hosted by Jeff Probst, Cirie has played it four times, and Stephenie has played it three times.

Now, they are competing against people from Big Brother, Below Deck, and many other walks of life for a big cash prize.

Cirie Fields tries to win The Traitors

The trailer below breaks down the rules, but here is everything Survivor fans need to know about The Traitors.

Basically, it breaks down to 20 people competing for a big cash prize, with the twist that three of them (the Traitors) are working against the rest of the group. It creates a lot of drama and forces people to battle psychologically to survive until the very end.

It looks like Cirie will be right in the middle of the action when the show rolls out on Peacock, so Survivor fans have a good reason to try out this new show.

All 10 episodes for The Traitors will be available for streaming on Peacock beginning January 12.

More reality television news

Speaking of Survivor, Jeff Probst teased Season 44, calling it one of the tougher seasons castaways have ever experienced.

And further down the road, CBS will be debuting a new season of Big Brother for Summer 2023.

Host Julie Chen Moonves may have just teased the Big Brother 25 theme, giving fans a good reason to start debating about who they want to play the game this time around.

In an interesting twist, it also appears that people from BB23 and BB24 have been contacted about possibly playing the game again.

To go back and watch the seasons of Survivor that featured Cirie Fields, you can find them streaming on Paramount+.

Over the years, Cirie appeared on Survivor: Panama, Survivor: Micronesia, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and Survivor: Game Changers.

The Traitors debuts on January 12 on Peacock, and Survivor 44 airs in Spring 2023 on CBS.

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