The Traitors reunion special to feature Rachel Reilly, Cirie Fields

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Rachel Reilly appeared on the first season of The Traitors at Peacock. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

The Traitors Season 1 isn’t over just yet, as Peacock ordered up a reunion show as well.

All 10 episodes of the hit reality competition show arrived this winter, pitting 10 celebrities against 10 regular folks in a battle for a huge cash prize.

It has done so well that Peacock already announced that The Traitors Season 2 is coming.

While everyone waits for those new episodes to arrive, Peacock also revealed that a reunion special will debut later in February.

Rachel Reilly from Big Brother, Cirie Fields from Survivor, and Kate Chastain from Below Deck are just a few of the people expected to be there to debate about the show.

And, of course, since this is a reunion for the cast of a reality show, Andy Cohen is going to serve as the host.

When is The Traitors reunion show?

The reunion show for The Traitors Season 1 will arrive on Tuesday, February 28. Peacock will make it available for streaming, giving fans of the show a bonus installment.

A lot of drama took place during the season that involved people falsely accusing each other of being Traitors. That’s the point of the show, but it also led to several people dishing out personal attacks that went beyond just gameplay.

Now, everyone will be in the same place again, with Andy Cohen asking pointed questions that are sure to get some of the cast members a bit heated.

Spoilers about The Traitors Season 1

On the first season of The Traitors featuring contestants from the United States, Cirie Fields ended up winning the grand prize of $250,000.

The object of the game is for the Faithfuls to eliminate all of the Traitors before the end of the season, where they then get to split the prize money. If a Traitor makes it to the end, though, and remains undiscovered, they win all of the money.

In the final episode, two regular people (also Faithfuls) were convinced that they were about to split the money with Cirie, only to learn that they had lost it all due to her being a Traitor.

Hearing from those two contestants (Andie Vanacore and Quentin Jiles), as well as the people who got eliminated earlier while being falsely accused of being Tratiors, should lead to a really interesting reunion show.

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The Traitors Season 1 is available for streaming on Peacock.

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