Brittany Galvin ‘blindsided’ by Tyler Norris during Bachelor in Paradise reunion

Bachelor in Paradise viewers got sad news during Tuesday night’s reunion as Brittany Galvin and Tyler Norris confirmed they were no longer together.  Fans were rooting for the couple after they professed their love for one another on the beach, but their relationship didn’t survive post-show.  At the reunion, Tyler appeared heartbroken as he explained


Bachelor in Paradise viewers want more Brittany and Tyler screen time

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 is winding down, but one couple’s love story is just heating up.  Brittany Galvin and Tyler Norris struck up a connection late in the season, and their chemistry has left viewers swooning.  Brittany and Tyler both deserved better after their emotional experiences on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, respectively.  Viewers


Bachelor in Paradise ladies show off dance moves 

Brittany Galvin and three of her Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 costars showed off their beauty and moves in a recent video.  Brittany was joined by costars Sierra Jackson, Jill Chin, and Hunter Haag, who recently celebrated her birthday. Jill and Brittany are still appearing on Bachelor in Paradise; however, Hunter and Sierra’s journey has


Bachelor in Paradise’s Brittany Galvin throws shade at Pizza Pete after horrible date

It’s safe to say Bachelor in Paradise contestant Peter Izzo did not successfully change Brittany Galvin’s life “one slice at a time” after their one-on-one date. Viewers of last night’s episode will recall a few major events, including Salley’s quick and drama-filled appearance, Romeo leaving the beach with Jill (seemingly against his will), and Brittany


The Bachelor Red Wine Recap: Brittany Galvin Wins at the Women Tell All

Monsers and Critics columnist Liz Long recaps The Bachelor, Season 25, Episode 8, with a little help from a glass of pinot (or two)… I struggled with my headline. The one before this was “Women Tell All (This Feels Pointless)” but, in the end, I made it about Brittany Galvin. Why? Well, because I want