Bachelor in Paradise: Brittany Galvin claps back at ‘Pizza Pete’ Izzo for disrespecting her

Brittany Galvin
Brittany Galvin gives her thoughts on the Peter Izzo situation from Monday night’s episode. Pic credit: @lilgalvin/Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise contestant Brittany Galvin threw subtle shade at Peter Izzo after a drama-filled episode Monday night.

Brittany, who had a slower start at the beginning of the season, has been shaping up to be one of the main players as she builds connections with Andrew Spencer and newcomer Tyler Norris.

However, in the midst of her growing relationships, there was one bump in the road — her one-on-one date with Peter, also known in the franchise as Pizza Pete.

Brittany showed immediate disinterest in Peter after saying he came off as very conceited, and Peter returned the favor by spreading rumors to other contestants that Brittany was a “clout chaser” who only cared about gaining followers on Instagram and TikTok.

After an explosive cocktail party, Brittany addressed Peter about the situation, and things got heated as the other contestants also got involved. Casey Woods even fainted and broke his ankle from all the chaos, even though he was the one who technically started it in the first place.

There were clearly deep breaths taken by the entire cast as Peter decided to leave on his own merit before the rose ceremony started.

The deepest, though, came from Brittany — who even took to Instagram after the episode aired to share her thoughts on how disrespected she felt by him.

Brittany Galvin says she will ‘never tolerate disrespect’ after Peter Izzo confrontation

The Bachelor bombshell took to the platform with a set of solo shots, where she rocked an off-white knit dress with an oversized beige blazer and a pair of knee-high boots.

“I will never tolerate disrespect in any form and neither should you. By attempting to disparage a woman’s character because you didn’t get what was ‘expected’ is not only classless/careless but it normalizes disrespecting women when they don’t adhere to your wants. Let’s do better,” she wrote.

Although her fashion was on point, the caption was the thing that made the real statement.

What did Bachelor in Paradise fans say about Brittany’s post?

For viewers of Monday night’s episode, it should come as no surprise that the majority of BIP fans stepped in to support Brittany after seeing Peter’s actions on the show.

“Worst part is Peter thinks he did no wrong. He just doesn’t get it!! Not that much going on upstairs there unfortunately. You handled it with class and didn’t deserve how he treated you,” one fan wrote.

Comment on Brittany's post
Pic credit: @lilgalvin/Instagram

Another viewer agreed, “YES. And also, personally, it must have been so painful and upsetting that – once again – you’re having your reputation ruined and your intentions put into question.”

Response to Brittany's post
Pic credit: @lilgalvin/Instagram

Other fans chimed in to call Brittany a “queen” and tell her that her caption was absolutely true.

Comment on Brittany's post
Pic credit: @lilgalvin/Instagram

With all the Pete Pizza drama behind her now, fans can tune in next week to see if Brittany continues her connection with Tyler Norris or returns to her former flame with Andrew.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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