Casey Woods hasn’t walked in 4 months after passing out on Bachelor in Paradise

Casey Woods
Casey Woods gives a recent update on his foot after passing out on Monday night’s episode. Pic credit: @caseydillamusic/Instagram

Casey Woods didn’t exactly fall in love during Bachelor in Paradise, but he did take a fall after initiating drama at a cocktail party and passing out — which he is still paying for months later.

During Monday night’s episode, Casey felt obligated to let contestant Brittany Galvin know that “Pizza” Pete Izzo was spreading rumors about her and referring to her as a “clout chaser” who only talks about social media.

After causing a scene between Brittany, Pete, and all the other contestants who got involved, Casey suddenly passed out and medics were rushed in to bring him to a nearby hospital.

Casey seemed to be in good spirits while talking to Michael Allio in the back of the ambulance, but his right ankle clearly suffered an injury.

However, four months later, he shared that the injury ended up being much worse than viewers may have originally thought.

Casey took to his Instagram Stories last night with photos of himself watching the episode, with his foot in a cast at the forefront.

Casey Woods says he hasn’t walked since passing out on Bachelor in Paradise

Casey first shared a photo to let his fans know that he had broken multiple bones that night, which caused him to have three surgeries over the past few months.

“3 broken bones. 3 operations. 4 months later. 1 sad guy here,” he wrote.

He also said that the photo was in real-time and informed his followers that he hasn’t been able to walk in over four months.

Casey Woods' Instagram Stories
Pic credit: @caseydillamusic/Instagram

Casey’s post just goes to show that what happens in Paradise, doesn’t always stay in Paradise.

Fans will miss Casey Woods’ commentary on BIP

Although Casey may not have had the most successful run on Bachelor in Paradise, many fans have said that they will miss his commentary throughout the show.

Season 8 has been filled with hilarious one-liners from the contestant, as he has often been shown giving his honest two cents on current situations during his confessionals.

“I love this elder millennial and his snark, in this house we stan casey,” one viewer tweeted.

Another fan wrote, “Honestly I want Casey to stay just for his commentary, like he really just says something negative about everything and I love it.”

Although fans may miss his remarks, it seems as if Casey has some more healing to do before Bachelor Nation may possibly see him again in the franchise.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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